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What is Cellframe at large?

The Cellframe Blockchain project represents the fusion of the best solutions for the upcoming challenges of the post-quantum era while offering new progressive ideas to already existing systems. We develop the quantum resistant blockchain of the new generation based on 100% original C-code, optimized for high load and merge of all the top modern features of existing blockchain technologies.

Your project ultimate goal?

Our team aims to create and implement the most secure and scalable blockchain ever existed, which is open to improvement and further perfection - all in order to make the Cellframe Blockchain one the safest and actual systems even in 100 years.

What is the Cellframe structure?

All the blocks are described like variable length structure with byte array at the end, divided into sections. Sections, in turn, can form the Transactions, Transactions Requests, distributed application code, distributed application data, set of public keys, service announces, etc. Inside every section, a lot of items could be included, for example, the transaction section has such items as Input, Output, Public Key and Signature.

Where can I see the latest Cellframe updates?

All the new changes, releases and the new feature implementations as well as dates could be observed on the official GitLab.

Why Cellframe?

Our perspective vision and concept is based on three main features - Scalability, Variability and Security, which represent the Celframe Blockchain Vision at large. One of the our top-notch essential solutions are the variative Post-quantum algorithms, implemented to make Cellframe Blockchain quantum resistant to survive the upcoming Quantum Threat.

What technologies are implemented in Cellgrame?

The Core code based on original C-code with its object-oriented programming. Some functions like mining algorithm and Post-Quantum signatures based on 3rd party code (Monero project, Open Quantum Safe software). Everything else utilized is original: the HTTP protocol realization, key exchange, streaming multiplexing, low-level VPN-like services. Because of the low-level optimization and event-driven internal structure, Cellframe will be efficient as a system.

Our target audience

We aim for the worldwide global market of blockchain industry project, providing perspective tech innovations for ensuring the safe future of the industry.

Whar are benefits of using Cellframe?

There are a lot of pros of using the Cellframe among which are: Extra long deposits; Fully anonymous network access with custom hope number, high speed and low costs; Simple and easy for verification Smart Contracts+; Quantum Safe cryptocurrency exchange; Quantum Safe for IoT.

What services will your project provide?

The universal API for current and feature services. It is planned to have at least five at the start: KelVPN, IoT, Smart Contracts+, Distributed Computing, Audio/Video Streaming.