Build and manage quantum-safe blockchain solutions with the Cellframe SDK


Framework advantages


Cellframe’s original sharding implementation allows you to launch Blockchain/DAG subchains with variable consensus types in each Cell Network (shard).


Create your own blockchain solution with the Cellframe SDK. We will support you at every step of your DLT journey.

Python over C

Create your own blockchain solution with the Cellframe SDK. We will support you at every step of your DLT journey.

Blockchain Services

Services are the future of blockchain

One of the key elements of the Cellframe network architecture is to create and manage decentralized internet services.

By design, smart contracts in other protocols cannot interact with the resources of the operating system. Cellframe services can leverage the host machine’s computing power, bandwidth, and hard drive space. Unlike smart contracts on other protocols, where an “oracle” (a set of nodes) uploads external data unto the blockchain, Cellframe services do not require such a third party which is liable to being compromised.

A blockchain service on the Cellframe network does not have an owner address. To reduce the risk of theft, service cash flow gets distributed between the providers and no one has a private key from a contract with all the funds in it.

The development of blockchain services is like building web scripts and other system services. It’s simple, and there is no need to hire expensive blockchain engineers.


The Quantum Threat is Real

A Quantum computer with logical qubits is coming in the next 10-15 years. The NSA (US National Security Agency) and NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) are preparing for it and developing standards for post-quantum cryptography since 2015.

PQ Encryption by default

We have successfully implemented several quantum resistant signatures including the finalists of the second round of the NIST PQC contest, and will implement several more by 2021.

Encryption Variability

Due to the (as of yet) untested resistance of prospective PQ signatures against a fully functioning quantum computer, encryption variability is the only option for building a truly quantum-safe system.

Quantum Keys

The implementation of a quantum key exchange is scheduled for Q3 2022.

Implementations: Framework

Implementations: Framework


Cellframe Dashboard

Cellframe Dashboard is a super-application that combines the functions of a wallet, dex-exchange, and dApps repository. You can also use it to manage certificates and tokens, create and use orders for VPN services. With third-party plugins, you can add your function to Dashboard. Cellframe Dashboard helps you track transactions, manage networks, exchange coins, and manage VPN in one service, instead of a set of specialized applications — one Dashboard.

cellframe dashboard mockup

Reclaim net neutrality!

Download the first decentralized VPN on the blockchain and join a true privacy network that protects your traffic from quantum and supercomputer attacks, without affecting the quality of your browsing experience.


Implementation: Areas and Examples



  • Cellframe Dashboard beta (wallet with UI)

  • Auction website

  • Testnet 2 launch with mining and observers

  • Cellframe Dashboard release

  • Security audits, penetration tests

  • Bridge with Ethereum testnet

  • Mainnet launch, bridge with Ethereum mainnet

  • D-services mainnet migration

  • Bridges with other blockchains on mainnet

  • WASM based smart contracts

  • Testnet bridges with Substrate and Bitcoin

  • Dedicated storage service (DSS)


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Framework advantages



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