Future of the quantum computing

Future of the quantum computing

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Technologies and Global Markets forecast to 2022

The technologies development wheel is increasing rapidly. If a few years ago, the quantum computing technologies market was just at its early stages of existence, nowadays the reality is different.

Due to latest researches, the global quantum cryptography market size is expected to grow from $285.7 Million back in 2017 $USD 943.7 Million by 2022, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 27.0%. The major forces driving the growth of the quantum cryptography market include growing incidents of cyber-attacks and increasing data security and privacy concerns.

Worth mentioning that the rising adoption rate of cloud storage and computing technologies and evolving next-generation wireless network technologies are also some of the factors that are driving the market growth.However, the deployment and integration services segment is expected to be the fastest growing service in the quantum cryptography market during the forecast period.Moreover, the services D&I are gaining traction, as integration services itself help to integrate the vendor’s security offerings with the client’s business functions and existing security mechanism.

Integration services collect the customer requirements, and then install, integrate, test, and roll out the quantum cryptography solutions and hence quantum cryptography is gaining traction in the enterprises for modernizing and deploying their solutions to meet the rising demand for secure data transmission.The IT and telecom are expected to hold the most significant market share in the quantum cryptography market during the forecast period. Moreover, the IT and telecom vertical is continuously developing and is at the epicenter of innovation and growth. The telecom business function generates voluminous data on a daily basis, which mandates the critical need for reliable quantum cryptography solutions. The telecom operators are adopting quantum cryptography solutions and providing secured information to the customers while complying with regulations, such as Advanced Encryption Standard (AES).

Furthermore, the rise in the integration of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) into multiple verticals including IT and telecom, along with increasing cyber-attacks, has doubled the need for security and safety. The business is expected to come with an emerging need for managing more complex networks of digital identities along with the technologies required for federation across emerging as well as developed economies.

North America is expected to hold the most significant market share and dominate the quantum cryptography market during the foreseeable future. The region has always been a hub for high investments in research and development (R&D) activities, thereby contributing to the development of new technologies. The growing concerns for the security of IT infrastructure and complex data in North America have mandated the enterprises in this region to adopt quantum cryptography and reliable authentication solutions. The rise in cyber-attacks, adoption of connected devices, adoption of BYOD, and cloud-based applications into enterprise system have resulted in tremendous growth of technology adoption in this region. This has also triggered a rise in next-generation threats and added more complexities and concerns in the IT infrastructure. North America suffers the highest frequency of cyber-attacks and stringent compliance regulations in the world. Hence, causing more threats, intrusions, and security breaches, and as a result, it has the most significant number of security vendors.The major vendors in the quantum cryptography market include ID Quantique (Switzerland), MagiQ Technologies (US), Nucrypt (US), Infineon Technologies (Germany), Qutools (Germany), QuintenssenceLabs (Australia), Crypta Labs (UK), PQ Solutions (UK), and Qubitekk (US).

Speaking about the quantum cryptography solutions, it is also worth mentioning the post-quantum era dangers, which come alongside with the technical progress. Cellframe project is aimed to solve these right away.

Cellframe is aimed to come up with long-term-needed solutions to many existing and accumulated problems such as scalability, security and transaction speed. It is a quantum resistant blockchain of the new generation, optimized for high load and merge of all the top modern features of existing blockchain technologies. One of the essential features is the variative Post-quantum algorithms, implemented to make Cellframe quantum resistant to survive the upcoming so-called “Quantum Apocalypse.”

Cellframe project concept is based on three main aspects: scalability, variability, and security.

The specific features include the ring signatures, variability in different encryption and wallet types, multichain & sharding support, enhanced speed, Smart Contracts and Open API for 3rd party coins and projects and so on.

Shaping the future of the blockchain industry with Cellframe

So, where do we aim while developing Cellframe? We are stepping on the edge of the current existing technologies to create the best possible solutions for tomorrow.

Cellframe will remain actual throughout many years after the release as it is open for further advancements and upgrades due to its unique structure — that will ensure the Cellframe long-time supremacy over the market in future. The project team is proud to create and present the product that is already ahead of its time, and we are aimed to maintain its progress constant.

The current existing market shows decidedly fewer competitors that utilize similar progressive ideas. Cellframe represents the best solutions of tomorrow for the better, safer and more advanced forthcoming technological future.