Worklog. February results

Worklog. February results

Category: Development Report

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Hello everyone!

We are pleased to present the latest news digest from the Cellframe team. Today, we will summarize February’s hottest events. Despite the short month, it turned out to be intense in terms of development and marketing activities. We accomplished a lot of substantial things, and we are delighted to share all the details with you.

Web Development

We are completing work on a significant task - the redesign of the main Cellframe website. In the process, we not only updated the visuals, making it more up-to-date, in addition to addressing all the SEO errors and issues. The fresh version of the website will be available soon via the same link.

Furthermore, we worked on improving the functionality of other ecosystem websites. For example, we fixed the operation of the bridge plugin on the backend of the Cellframe Bridge website, ensuring the stable functionality of bridge transactions. At the same time, on the Explorer website, which displays all operations in the Cellframe network, we included the ability to view wallet balances. A special button was added next to the wallet address.

Cellframe Dashboard

Work is continuing on the improvement of the UI and expanding the functionality of our multifunctional application. In February, several important updates were made:

  • Configured the display of wallet history and wallet creation forms.
  • Debugged the Orders tab, fixing issues with empty fields when opening order information.

Cellframe Wallet

In February, we also resumed active development of another multifunctional application - Cellframe Wallet. Please note that this is a simplified version of Cellframe Dashboard, primarily developed for mobile platforms and suitable for regular users. We have adapted all updates made in Cellframe Dashboard to Cellframe Wallet, and the backend has been updated. Now the code of the main application functionality is working and is ready for further debugging.

You can always download the latest update via the link:

Cellframe DEX

We have been working for several months on launching our own decentralized exchange in the Cellframe ecosystem, primarily focusing on the exchange of CF-20 tokens but also supporting popular external cryptocurrencies.

Technically, our DEX significantly differs from most DEX platforms. We do not use AMM technologies and smart contracts; instead, we use a system with orders and conditional transactions, similar to other t-dApps in our ecosystem.

Currently, Cellframe DEX is already implemented in the Cellframe Node and is accessible through the console. However, this option is suitable only for experienced users with command-line skills. For all others, we are preparing the launch of a convenient graphical interface - the DEX tab in Cellframe Dashboard. Several important improvements have been recently made to it:

  • Configured multi-threaded processing of the chart, fixing interface freezes and high CPU loads. Now chart display is fast and convenient on different platforms.
  • Conducted a minor refactoring of the order creation form for more efficient further development of DEX and making corrections.

In the near future, we will announce the start of beta testing for the new functionality. Stay tuned for updates and join us!

Cellframe Node

Cellframe Node is a client-server application that works in the background and contains all the basic functionality of our platform. It includes two main modules:

  • Low-level DAP SDK module containing mechanisms for node interaction with memory, networks, and databases.
  • Cellframe SDK module with mechanisms for blockchain operation: consensus algorithms, transaction validation, and block creation.

We regularly make necessary changes to the functionality of the current version of Cellframe Node, and such changes were made in February as well. For example:

  • Updated the tx_history and mempool list commands, adding new datum types used in the voting mechanism. Now using these commands will display transactions made within votes on the Cellframe platform.
  • Fixed multiple connections of the node to the same link, optimizing resource usage and increasing node stability.
  • Continued the implementation of a JSON-RPC protocol handler. In February, the protocol was extended to node commands related to ledger operations. Next, we plan to implement similar functionality for commands related to DEX and orders. Please note that transitioning to JSON-RPC allows us to standardize responses to commands, greatly simplifying the development of applications that work with the node as an "engine," such as Cellframe Dashboard and Cellframe Wallet.

Additionally, in February, we actively prepared for the release of a new version of Cellframe Node - 5.3, which will happen very soon. The new version will include developments that are crucial for launching the two-way bridge mode:

  • Updated GDB synchronization mechanism, including a synchronization state machine and epidemic update dissemination.
  • Transition of the network to a cluster architecture, which is a significant step towards implementing two-tier sharding.
  • Important security enhancements. Among them are the introduction of the quantum-safe Kyber 512 protocol in DAP SDK and the implementation of multi-algorithm signatures.

Currently, we are conducting testing and debugging of the release candidate for the new version of Cellframe Node.