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AMA, 2 December: Scorpion network and new block-based subchains

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Dmitriy Gerasimov, CEO of Cellframe, told on the regular Thursday stream about the status of the SubZero network which was launched recently, and announced the start of preparing the Scorpion mainnet.

As it was said last week, SubZero (testnet 2.0) has been launched. It has only two subchains yet and this week the team is working on the new one. It will be based on blocks, not on DAG as it has been expected before.

“We have shifted a DAG subchain for a little later. And there is a possibility of running a DAG-subchain on the Scorpion network, which is in progress now”, — told Dmitriy Gerasimov.

The new block-based subchain will be based on TON consensus. The TON has a very interesting consensus for blocks and developers have decided to implement it instead of the Tendermint that they have planned before.

Moreover, the project has been developing a plugin API for the Cellframe Dashboard. The plugin API has been already published. The tech documentation team will publish the tutorials soon. So, it will be the first stage for newbies in development that allows them to try making some distributed applications.

When documentation is ready, the team will plan to run the first hackathon. Cellframe has the Cellgrants program “Everyone is welcome to read documents and be a part of Cellgrants program”, — he invited the listeners.

The developers have started to prepare for the mainnet for the Scorpion network. It will be based on the same software after overtests. But it will differ from testnet because it will have a DAG-based consensus based on the Hashgraph algorithm. Summing up, there are two different consensuses on two different subchains. And the developers will recognize how fast they work. Masternodes could select which subchain was used for what purposes. If you try our software you could find that there are different mempools for different sub-chains so there will be an ability to select ways for your transaction.

The main result in marketing is that the new video about Cellframe is prepared for release (additionally, this week we got the first publications in media about the Cellframe project and ran several hundred thousand advertising impressions on CoinGecko and ZyCrypto).

Some questions:

  • Can you do quantum-resistant NFTs on Cellframe?
  • Yes, we have special mechanics for NFT. I’m thinking about the Metaverse project. It will be run like a plugin for Cellframe Dashboard. I see this like AR Space, maybe for some space, maybe for some conversations. We need a dedicated team for this. This Metaverse will require NFT, but more accurate to say about Cell-objects, which are similar to NFT, but may be connected to any object in Metaverse. Besides that, we have some possible collaboration, that also requires some NFT-mechanics.
  • Is there any update on the testnet explorer?
  • You could find our GitHub account with the explorer plugin. We’re planning to open it for everyone and make it able to install. It’s important to have a blockchain explorer on your local computer for safety.
  • When do you quantum computers will be here as a certain threat?
  • I think about 2–3 years, not more than five years. IBM Quantum has unveiled a 127-qubit quantum processor already. It could happen at any moment. We are one step from this.