AMA, 25 November: SubZero launch and 20k holders

AMA, 25 November: SubZero launch and 20k holders

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Dmitriy Gerasimov, CEO of Cellframe, announced on the traditional Thursday stream the launch of SubZero (testnet 2.0) with the ability to build bridges with Ethereum and Bitcoin. This is the final stage before the mainnet. Also, he announced the marketing efforts and results.

The main result of the marketing in November was the number of holders has increased from 12500 to 19700; it is 57%. Now there are almost 20k holders. The project is still cooperating with influencers. One of them is Marcy Avila, the actress and Binance ambassador from Venezuela. Satoshi Stacker, the famous influencer on YouTube, made seven videos in different languages.

In addition, the advertisement on Telegram channels was run for the first time. This got 758k views and the main Cellframe Network channel got 3k new subscribers.

The most interesting piece of news was the launch of SubZero, Cellframe testnet 2.0. SubZero is an intermediate link between the first Core-T testnet and the mainnet, which is in the final stage of development. Testnet 2.0 has a subchain and consensus structure as close to the mainnet as possible. Developers have issued the first genesis blocks of subchains of the SubZero network. It’s published in Github.

“By the way, we will continue to work with SubZero and we have decided to test our new feature. We could add a subchain by subchain, not all at the same time. So we run two subchains: first is the zero chain, second is the supply chain. All the transactions will pass through this supply chain for the first time. This is different from testnet 1.0.”, — told Dmitriy Gerasimov.

A test CELL token, a native protocol inside SubZero, was published. It’s not supposed to be valuable, only for testing purposes for everyone who wants it.

Besides, 256-bit arithmetic is implemented in SubZero. The new arithmetic, together with the implementation of classical cryptography, will allow the development of a bridge with the Ethereum, BSC and Bitcoin networks. Subsequently, it will provide an opportunity to develop bridges with any other real blockchains.