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Cellframe SDK

[3.1-368] - 2023-03-10


- Added ledger notification for new cellframe-sdk and python-cellframe transactions

- Shift signs for new tsd sections

- Added new command mempool_list -net -addr

- JSON-RPC handler with method for receiving transactions

- Added mempool_list handler for working with JSON-RPC. Added serialization of transactions and their items in JSON format

- Added the functionality of sending a transaction to an "empty" address in order to burn them during the unstaking

- Extract signatures from the emission and extractEmission from the mempool without verifying the token signature

- Added -fast option to mempool_list command

- Added Falcon signature

- Added command mempool_proc_all

- Added dap_chain_datum_emission_append_sign

- Ticker check

- Modernized response generation in the JSON-RPC engine. Implemented the formation of a response in the form of a JSON-RPC response to a request for the contents of the mempool sheet. The mempool sheet displays all datums, but shows detailed information only about transactions

- Now signed-unsigned comparison is treated as an error, not a warning

- Improved calculation of transaction ticker in mempool list

- More accurate timers for MacOS

- Expanded the filter for "bad" datums when using the mempool_list command

- Cleaning the DAG Threshold

- Ledger Threshold Cleanup

- Now, when creating a basic transaction, its key is now the hash of the contents of the datum, and not the datum itself


- Fixed a problem with long wallet names, eliminates unneeded memory allocation, improved error handling

- Fixed work on displaying orders. Now, if the final transaction is not found, then the order will have the DISABLED status, otherwise UNKNOWN

- Fixed: in mempool, added sign datum decl. Removed dap_strdup from calling function work with global_db

- Fixed the function: cli token_decl_sign

- Prevented crashing of node process on opening Wallet Vol2

- File operations with chains: fixed

- ledger tx -addr command: fixed

- Big size of chains: fixed

- Segfault on Mac m1: fixed

- Buffer overflow: fixed

- Problems with periodic synchronization of GDB: fixed

- Memory leaks: fixed

- Memory leak when iterating over atoms in a DAG from python

- Errors related to spelling and incorrect information displayed: fixed

- Segmentation fault when executing the srv_xchange order remove command: fixed

- Segmentation fault after a transaction with the -tx_num key

- Falcon port: fixed

- SIGABRT when creating an exchange order in the network: fixed

- Created orders have status INVALID: fixed

- Fixed the function of creating a conditional transaction in the mempool. Now it should fall into the desired chain according to the configuration

[3.1-304] - 2022-11-14


• Callbacks for atoms to show hash and hash string

• Include: uthash

• Tx ordering with ledger cache

• Mempool autoprocessing notifier removed

• Hide all channels requests for dap_stream_worker under rwlock

• New stake lock tx format

• Added hash table, updated tokens

• Fractioanl reinvestment percent

• Added s_ledger_update_token_add_in_hash_table() and rwlocks

• New algorithm completed and ready for testing

• Added time tracking for duplicate data in token on new algorithm

• Token update tests

• Added additional check in dap_timerfd

• Added file version check in chain cell file parse

• Packed structure OUT_COND support

• Packed substrutures in OUT_COND type

• Search for a transaction in the mempool by hash using cli

• Double-spending check for items in single tx

• Added output of the ticker token for transactions in the mempool, if it is possible to find a previous transaction for it; otherwise the item can most likely be seen in the datum itself

• Deleting chains and gdb in cli command

• Added checking the network fee at the ledger level and creating exits to the network fee and exchanger fee for exchange transactions

• Enabled checksum verification

• Added CRC32C by Adler

• Redesigned com_token_update() function: changed policy total_supply, com_token_decl() function now again fails to refresh tokens

• Description of the 'token_emit' command

• Redesigned dap_interval_timer_create() function for creating timers for all types of systems

• Old round for TON removed

• Windows patches

• Callbacks for atoms to show hash and hash string: tx_history now shows atom hash for transactions of specified address

• Added a return of a special error for stake tx

• Update_token: fixed description and output of errors

• Handling of the situation when receiving a list of elements when transactions, dag events and blocks are missing

• Temporary block for additional output in token dump proc

• Production changes

• The dap_chain_net_id_from_str function has been moved out of the #if 0 defin

• Replaced dap_client uuid table lock object from mutex to rwlock

• Stake lock reinvest percent float->int format

• Old unpacked OUT_COND format removed

• Ledger tx list repair with empty blocks

• Message queuing temporarily altered

• Redesigned datum entry into mempool: now they are recorded with the key not as a datum hash, but as a hash of its contents


• Mempool policy fixes

• When performing single staking, there are many identical entries in tx_history

• High consumption of memory with enabled autoonline

• Fixed out of self context request in dap_client

• Fixed a bug due to which 'Auth signs total' was always 0 for SIMPLE tokens

• Fixed stake_lock , token_update, blocks-net-chain&stability, net-stream

• Ledger cache error fixed

• Darwin fix for s_bsd_callback

• Win and BSD fix for s_bsd_callback

• Windows build fix

• Inteval timers fix

• Ledger bad memory usage fix

• Segfault fix with client search

• Stability fixes

• Fixed s_net_send_records()

• Memory leak fix

• Fixed duplicate token update

• Segfault fix

• Segfault with zero division fix

• DAG events reject fix

• Intercontext message queue overflow

• Tx compatibility fix

• Dashboard compatibility fix

• Cache fix

• Segfault with net links fix

• Fixed dap_chain_net_id_from_str function, now it should correctly parse hexadecimal values

• Fixed unsafe access to dap_client_pvt

• Transaction history fix

• Stake transactions added to the ledger cache and fixed balance display

• Build in new docker env fixed

• Ledger verificators dependencies fix

• Ledger verifiers added to it after loading

• Designator order mismatch fixed

• Fixed a bug related to character array size determination

• Limits with number-string conversion fix

• tx_history -addr doesn't work

• When loading the ledger cache from the DB, the spent transaction outputs become unspent again

• Temporary offline ignorance

• libmdbx do not build binaries

• When resynchronizing, the node does not go online

• Fixed problem with incorrect command input - cellframe-node-cli block -net Backbone -chain main dump

• SEGFAULT oncommand "block -net Backbone -chain main dump"

[3.1-248] - 2022-09-05


• A formal parameter

• Stake features

• Fixed point multiplication

• Option for listing network and chain in case of mistaken input

• Callbacks to the chain to get the number of atoms or a limited number of atoms from the chain

• Implementation of this callback for DAG and Block chains

• List of exchange transactions

• Check for signs in token declaration

• Import and export for GlobalDB

• tx_create_json command

• Additional argument to get atoms from the chain and transactions from the ledger from the end or the beginning of the list

• Auto-create transaction inputs in JSON

• Default chain for type of datum at creating datum in CLI

• Stock features

• dap_string_prepend_vprintf(), dap_chain_net_get_tx_cond_all_by_srv_uid(), dap_chain_net_get_tx_total_value()

• New cli subcmd srv_xchange token_pair

• Network and node client workarounds

• Mempool token value to emit token help command

• Cellframe-node for raspberry pi features

• "path" variable added to config instance, methods for obtaining full path from relative-to-config paths

• Added flag for base transaction, redesigned verifier

• Tar archiver instead of zip

• Sync rework

• MDBX driver default for GlobalDB

• Removed all _unsafe calls from outside the native context of the esocket

• Security update

• HTTP cache rework

• Sorting the mempool_proc output

• Autocomplete rework

• s_cli_srv_xchange_tx_list_addr() update

• Price with provided pair of token tickers + net name already exists disabled

• Hide debug logs under dump_stream_headers option

• Update of "srv_xchange orders -net private"

• stake -> stake_pos_delegate

• Renamed srv_xchange price -> srv_xchange order

• Datoshi for orders list

• SQlite is default for Darwin

• Auto flow control off

• Default chain selection only for certain commands

• Stake: Improvements in rate accounting and automatic chain selection for basic transactions

• Static links rebase to list end

• Renamed ledger cache option to "cache_enabled"

• The function of creating a basic transaction has been redesigned

• Comparing static addrs with existing ones

• srv_xchange update


• Reduce resource consumption caused by terminated threads

• Stabilization of avalanche synchronization

• Catchain TON fix

• Order find command

• Network operations fix

• Token operations fix

• Memory leaks fix

• Incorrect HTTP reply

• Some fixes in MDBX driver

• s_proc_event_callback() fix

• Fixed transaction history after call tx_create, token_decl and token_emit commands

• Mileena network fix

• MDBX initialization fix

• Fix s_net_cli help command

• Net list help output

• Cache responce from HTTP

• Block parsing

• Segfault at 7 digits when converting from string to number

• Sig hash bug

• MDBX dbs full

• Subtraction of big numbers

• CDB lock fix

• MDBX driver fix

• Help output for autocomplete

• Fork issue

• TON security

• dap_store_unpacket_multiple() thats wasn't processed value_len == 0 case

• Fragmentation and defragmentation of packages issue

• Segfault in dap_http_simple_reply()

• TON messages verify size

• Incorrect sampling multiple write in MDBX

• MSMQ issues (logical and multiple send/recive fix)

• TON consensus issue

• Incorrect work of data sorting

• Broken GDB element

• Incorrect work of mempool_proc

• Fix for .pri file

• pipe2 fix

• Packets loss fix

• Signature header structure type int version changed to uint32_t and time_t type changed to uint64_t

• SQL error 5 fix

• DARWIN fix

• token_pair list all fix

• Out of memory allocation

• Logging fix

• tx_list fix

• Timer in client - run always in its worker's context

• Correct field names and spacing

• Assertion check

• Purchase order changes

• uint256 math fixes

• Crash on divide by zero

• Deadlock fix

• dap_list_free_full fix

• epoll fix

• debug_if calls fix

• Syntax error fix

• Status transaction in the srv_xchange tx_list

• Xchange fix

• Orders rate fix

• Security update

• Misspelled log

• Transaction created by the exchanger is rejected by its verifier

• Xchange price cycle fix

• Crash on "srv_xchange tx_list -net private"

• Windows build fix

• Price remove command rework

• token_pair history fix

• Time output format to local time

• Orders command fix

• Wrong seq_id numbering

• VPN-server rework in node

• Arguments parsing

• Staking fix

• uint256 fix for android arm32 compiler

• Excluded dependency from system libjson-c for linux

• Identification of staking transactions in the ledger

• DAG rounds fix

• Incorrect work of function DIV_256_COIN()

• Parsing and output supply for CF20 tokens

• Ledger verifiers added to it after loading

• Segfault when trying to scan NULL as balance input

• Chain selection for stake transactions fix

• Massive misuse of dap_sign_verify_size()

• Segmentation fault with zero token ticker when calculating ledger balances

[3.1-138] - 2022-06-01


• Features for running node on Android

• tar archiver instead of zip

• MDBX driver

• bzlib

• Temporary sync idle rwlock

• libMDBX

• libMDBX as static source

• dap_proc_thread_run_custom() function

• Async DB request processing

• dap_proc_queue_create_ext() function

• Guards for mdbx

• Standalone Python in 3rdpartys

• Standalone python distribution for arm

• Expanded TSD API

• Staker's fee

• Support for fixed-point math in exchanger and stake services

• s_xchage_rec

• Support for math to all required functions as well as handling overflow errors

• TSD support to c++

• Advanced _log_it_ext() and dump_it()

• Reduce resource consumption caused by terminated threads

• Cosmetic changes to eliminate Out-of-Memory

• New sync worker usage ideology

• New sync partial debug

• Inter-thread queue size increase

• Static python sources

• Removed python from source tree

• Python for static build

• Password protected Wallet

• libmdbx changed to default

• dap_list_free_full() now accepts NULL as callback arg to just delete data field

• Python 3.10.4 added to 3rdparty

• Renaming of DAP SLIST's routines

• Eliminate constants duplicates and reorganize code

• Optimization for loops

• Update for SLIST API

• Source code reorganizing

• Eliminate compilation warnings

• Correct function prototypes/declarations

• Make code more beautiful

• MDBX driver, added descriptions for routines

• HTTP header parser

• Removed unused stuff

• Changed default python to standalone python for linux

• Python distrib downgraded to 3.9

• Python archive to zip

• Mempool dead records removed

• DAG rounds queue rework

• Eliminate compilation warning

• Avalanche propagating for DAG events restored

• Time difference consideration with avalanche sync

• Rounds sign size correct


• Token operation fix

• Memory corruption fix

• Deadlock fix

• Temporary leak fix

• libmagic fix

• Minor bug fix

• Writing logic fix

• Windows callback proc fix

• Xchange orders fix

• Infinite thread spawn fix

• Windows build fix

• MacOS build fix

• proc_thread fix

• Folders pvs-64_1 and pvs-64_2

• Build with LibMDBX

• Minor fix for MDBX

• Incorrect data's size in the s_proc_event_callback()

• Eliminate constants duplicates and did some code reorganizing

• s_proc_event_callback()


• Incorrect order of arguments

• HTTP reply

• Possible segfault

• Python archive

• Possible rounds

• Unix library link in net/server/http_server

• cmake

• CMakelists

• Partial rounds

• Format and print fix

• Extra group items notifier

• DAG rounds deleted items sync

• Sync round notifier

• Doubling DAG-POA events

• All errors and changed long double to uint256_t in dap_chain_net_srv_xchange

• Sign exists

• Rounds signs

• Sign pointer

• Rounds signs pointer

• Delays with sync

• Specifier

[3.1-1] - 2022-04-28


• Merkle hash

• Fee outputs

• Bridge filter prototype


• Signs counter

• Explicit typecast for c++ compiler

• Increment for dereferenced pointer

• Default autoprocessing for master and root nodes

• Proc queue debug messages

• DAG sign command

• Transactions to the ledger and the ledger to the trashhold

• Datum dump in a single place

• Datum check in blocks with auto_proc

• Emission double spend check

• Info of spent emissions in ledger cache

• Emission check before adding

• Check emission signature with base tx signature

• DAP separate broadcasting

• GDB history from code

• Voting

• Block sign verify to ton in PoA mode

• Queue for GDB records broadcating

• Chain atoms queue for sync broadcasting

• Signs check by unique and validate in DAG-PoA and block-ton

• Rwlock to block cache

• Threshold processing for PoA rounds

• Token format change

• Removed leading zeros

• CF20 standart for ledger

• Bridge extract format change

• Emssion TSD sections extraction

• Corrections for datum and events printing

• Processing PoA rounds for root role only

• Sync groups refactoring

• Each network generates its own address

• Sync the selected network only

• Pin and Upin records in the GDB

• Stability changes

• New GDB format

• Removing bad addresses from database


• Dag-PoA protocol

• TSD creation

• Native token token_emit operation bug

• Syncronization for gdb, ton and blocks

• 256 bit digit to string and back conversion

• Math compilation

• Memory leak

• Operations with token

• Signing tokens

• Datum size

• Bridge API emission extract

• Save atom to file

• Windows compiler warnings

• Linux builds

• MacOS builds

• Global DB log list

• cli command for base TX

• Memory leaks in crypto modules

• Async DB I/O and priority of queues

• Crash on command tx_history

• GDB error not applied

• Empty GDB group

• TON broadcasting

• Broken blocks

• Capital fix for PoA rounds

• Reconnect when DNS server is not responding

• Homebrew include path for MacOS

• Libzip dependency

[3.1] - 2022-04-01


Minor changes to Cellframe-SDK and Python-SDK


• Null de-reference in `dap_store_unpacket_multiple`

• Out of bound access while handling event on DAG_POS chain network

• Integer overflow in function `s_stream_ch_packet_in`

• Integer overflow leads to out of bound write

• Unauthorized overwrite root certificate by path traversing

• Misunderstanding C calling convention leads to a remote code execution on mempool

• Double free when freeing enc_http_delegate->request_str

• Heap-overflow on dap_http_user_agent

• Integer overflow when parsing URL

• Out-of-bound write when deserializing public key

• Invalid pointer when freeing public key data

• Null dereference when generating shared key

• Invalid pointer access when generating shared key

• Out-of-bound read in dap_enc_get_type_name

• Remote code execution on node server

Cellframe Dashboard

[2.10-11] - 2022-11-23


• Added the ability to select wallets on the Wallets page by using the combobox on the TopPanel

• Implemented restoration of a previously selected wallet when the application is restarted

• Implemented a mechanism for switching to a new syntax for connecting qml objects, which led to the exclusion of many WRN messages in the logs of the GUI Dashboard

• The autocomplete mechanism has been optimized. Now the formation of the dictionary is performed in a separate thread, which significantly accelerated the initialization of the dashboard service


• Added blocking the space character in the password when creating an encrypted wallet

• Fixed a bug due to which certificates containing numbers or starting with a dot were not displayed

• Fixed a bug due to which the animation of the General block in Settings did not work correctly if there were a large number of wallets

• Fixed a bug due to which it was possible to send requests to the Web 3 API of the identifier from the Dashboard service when connected

[2.10-4] - 2022-10-30


• Added new icons, replaced old .png files with .svg

• Reworked animations, padding, fonts, and shadows throughout the application

• Added a handler for messages about the execution of various operations. For example, if an error occurs during a transaction, the user is told what the reason is. There are also messages for creating a wallet, order, etc.

• A new ToolTip component has been developed. It appears when hovering over "cropped" balances\wallet names or info icons

• Customized InputField, added new highlight color

• Added a new type of wallet that can be encrypted with a password. Forms were written to create, activate, and deactivate the wallet, and the existing ones in the settings menu were updated

* The new type of wallet is marked with a "lock" icon

Web3 API

Added new commands:

• GetNodeStatus: a command to get the current state of a node through a connection to a notify socket

• CondTxCreate: command to create a custom transaction to pay for node services

• GetMempoolTxHash: command to get information about a specific transaction in the specified network from the mempool

• GetMempoolList: command to get the mempool list on the specified network


• Redesigned data exchange between the service and the dashboard GUI. Transition to the new JSON format

• Console

• Added automatic substitution of networks, certificates, wallets, and tokens in autocomplete

• Expanded the history of executed commands from 10 to 20 entries


• A new block "Links" has been added, in which records are added about incoming connection requests. If necessary, you can block the source of the request by turning off the Switch element

• Added node version on TopPanel


• Redesigned data exchange between the service and the dashboard GUI. Transition to the new JSON format

• Updated forms for LastActions and TX explorer, added error display and a new right panel for viewing and copying transaction information


• Fixed combobox scrolling with the mouse position, now the list is scrolled only with the wheel

• Fixed a bug due to which the combobox did not change the text when changing the index

• Fixed a bug due to which the dashboard service could freeze, added a timeout to wait for a response from the node


• Reworked autocomplete. The request handler has been moved to the service side, thereby speeding up the formation of a "dictionary" for the Console tab

• Fixed a bug due to which the dashboard service crashed during the formation of the "dictionary"


• Fixed a bug that caused the dashboard to freeze when requesting a list of orders

• The input of values ​​in the fields for creating an order has been reworked, now .0 is not automatically substituted when the user has not finished entering data


• Fixed a bug due to which when creating a certificate with a long name, two certificates were created, one with a long one, the other with a shorter one

[2.8-16] - 2022-08-05


• Added preflight request handler in the Web3 API

• Added large numbers arithmetic for calculations on the DEX page and balances conversion from Datoshi to coins


• Fixed the DEX tab's logic. The market depth has been modified, along with the algorithm for search and order execution

• Fixed an issue that prevented the wallet on the DEX tab from being updated following the execution of orders

• Fixed an issue that blocked the pair search on the DEX page

• Fixed a bug that inhibited wallets with zero balances from being displayed

• Fixed an issue that resulted in the Tokens tab's total_supply parameter's value being 10 times higher than it actually was

• Fixed a bug due to which a tab with previously enabled dApp was hindered from restoring while the Dashboard launched

• Fixed an issue that led to the selected network being reset after exiting the Settings tab

[2.8-1] - 2022-07-21


• Updated all button shadows, and there is now a seamless animation when pushing buttons

• Implemented Web3 API on the Dashboard service side

• Implemented a system of pop-up notifications and notifications in new forms in tabs. This notifies users about connection with sites via the Web3 API - in new forms on the Log and Settings tabs, and in a pop-up appearing in the lower right corner

• Developed a Stocks tab. Includes a candlestick chart, interpolation charts, a market depth, order creation forms (Limit, Stop limit, Market), open order forms, and order history

• Modified margin, typeface, and certain forms in accordance with the revised layout

• Developed the Tokens tab

• Written the primary operations for Stock tab with Node data work

• Added a loading indicator to the Check Update button that lets users know when an update check request is being handled. The same indicator is added to the Logs tab and shows up when the data model of Node logs is loaded

• Developed and changed the aesthetic portion of Autocomplete 2.0. Now, a pop-up window with possible options for complementing commands appears when commands are entered

• Redesigned the navigation scheme for complementing command selection (up / down for selection, enter for confirmation). It is also possible to close this pop-up window by clicking 'x'

• Redesigned ComboBox element with added shadows and frame


• Updated icons throughout the application to ones with better quality in .svg format

• Optimized Stock graphs by implementing a graph point handler in C++, instead of JS

• Optimized the market depth for the Stock tab by transferring the formation of models to C++, instead of JS

• Corrected the colors on the Calendar element located on the Tx History tab

• Fixed the offset of the window with the Web3 API connection request at different zoom values

• Fixed a bug due to which after closing order details on the Stock tab it was impossible to reopen it

• Added a new right panel with a history of Web3 API queries, the Logs tab has been completely redone, and the switch to Layouts has been made

• Fixed an issue that occasionally resulted in nothing happening after clicking Check update. There is now an output for error messages

• Fixed an issue that resulted in the list of available orders not displaying correctly (sometimes there were no orders when the Dashboard was turned on)

• Fixed a bug that allowed users to submit an invalid certificate expiration date (one that wasn't in the dd:mm:yyyy format) while creating certificates

[2.7-5] - 2022-05-17


• Removed the initial zeros in the wallet balance output on the Wallet tab

• Added the ability to manually scale the application using the Window Scale option in the Settings tab for users with a resolution less than 1280x800

• Redesigned the order block on the VPN Service tab

• Rewrote all dashboard tabs to reduce memory usage

• Optimized and refactored the logic for working with data storage models and their rendering

• Improved application speed and lowered memory consumption by deleting the intermediate buffer before filling the model with node data

• When the node turns off on Windows, it will automatically resume

• Added new animations to all right panels, as well as the left Tabs panel

• Included an automatic check for Dashboard updates when launching the app, or a manual one by clicking the Check Update button in the Settings tab. When updates are found, the Dashboard will direct you to the website where you may download the most recent version

• Added the possibility to enable the node's auto online mode via the Settings page

• Added a pop-up notification when copying an wallet or node address

• Added a wallet creation error handler and error output at the right panel

• Added an uninstaller for Mac which is installed alongside the Dashboard

• Included the support for the scaling mechanism inside the DapApp extension

• Redesigned the Network panel

• Added animations for hiding and revealing network menu

• Updated the case-insensitive search in box on the dApps and TX explorer tabs


• Fixed the activation of custom when both filters are chosen on the dApps tab

• Fixed an overlay of the command history text on the window name in the Console tab

• Fixed a certificate import on Linux

• Fixed the error with creation of GUI log file on Linux

• Fixed an issue in which some transaction history records were displayed without a date

• Blocked the possibility of creating a wallet without a name in DapApp extension

• Limited the maximum length possible to enter to scale on the Settings tab

• Added a check for the application's maximum height after scaling. The scale is automatically updated if the dashboard does not fit on the screen

• Fixed an issue with installing packages on Mac, where the Node and Dashboard services were not restarted when installing on top of an older version of the Dashboard

• Fixed an issue that caused an improper network command to be sent while switching from online to offline mode and vice-versa

• Fixed a bug due to which if there was a plugin with a long name (which does not fit on the screen), it was not possible to hide it through the Settings window

[2.6-6] - 2022-04-26


• Reduced the node's automatic synchronization frequency to 5 minutes


• Fixed an issue where the node's connection was lost due to out-of-date GDB files

[2.6-5] - 2022-04-24


• Added automated node synchronization every 20 minutes

• Updated the node version of the build to 88

• Updated the prod build


[2.6-0] - 2022-04-09


• Redesigned log list updates, removed the use of system alerts about changes in the contents of the log file

• Implemented automatic updating of the balance of wallets and the history of the «Last Actions» panel

• The amount of data requested from the node has been reduced by adding a new command to request a separate wallet. This allowed to reduce CPU utilization

• Implemented automatic updating of the transaction list

• Implemented automatic updating of the list of wallets in Settings panel

• Visually redesigned the block with the order in VPN client panel

• Redesigned the LastActions page. All transactions are now sorted by date and by wallet


• Fixed a bug with the lack of connection to the node by notify for Windows

• Fixed a bug that caused a non-existent token to be displayed when performing a transaction

• Fixed a bug that caused a log file not to be created on Linux and Mac

• Fixed a bug due to which the wallet list was not updated when manually deleting the wallet

• Fixed a bug with an empty element in the list of networks

• Fixed a bug due to which long wallet names not fit on the General panel

• Fixed a bug due to which the command history on Mac was not displayed

• Fixed a bug due to which there was no possibility of going to TX explorer

• Fixed a bug due to which the transaction history with new arithmetic not fit on panel in the DapApp extension

[2.5-0] - 2022-03-18


• Launched Notify Socket

• Added notification about the loss of connection with node

• Added automatic reconnection to the node when the connection is lost

• Added features to import certificate. ‘Add signature’ button was deleted

• Added network selection menu in Settings. With this feature you can change the address of the copied wallet and place certificates in the mempool in different networks

• Added node connection status bar


• Fixed issue with a flashing "info" indicator in the field with a certificate

• Fixed issue with the wallet address not updating when changing the network

• Fixed issue when a non-existent chain was selected when transferring between wallets

[2.4-0] - 2022-03-03


• Added complete close of the app by pressing "closing icon"

• Added settings for android build

• Improved quality of icons

• On the Console tab, we added automatic scrolling to the bottom of the output when response is received from the node

• On the TX-history, we added the ability to open a transaction on the website when clicking on the transition icon in the dashboard

• Added filtering by a network. It is possible to navigate to the transaction website only for the transactions performed within the subzero network

• Modified bottom network panel to improve networks scrolling function


• Fixed launching the dashboard service in the Console

• Improved performance by adding a limited buffer (8000 characters per message) to output data from the node

• Fixed autocomplete bugs. Console input now reacts properly to up/down arrows and does not overlay the autocomplete text on the text of the entered command

• Fixed a bug that crashed during dApp activation on a Mac

• Fixed a bug that caused incorrect removal of unverified plugins in the Unverified filter

• Added filtering by certificate name when uploading certificates to the dashboard, and now certificates with name in Cyrillic will not be loaded

• Added a limitation on displayed character length in network names on the Network Panel

• On the VPN service tab we fixed an error in showing the order creation window

[2.3-1] - 2022-02-22


• Added full closure of the application by clicking on the "X" button

• Added build settings for android

• Added automatic scrolling to the very bottom of the console output when the node response has arrived

• Added a button to go to TX explorer


• Improved performance by adding a limited buffer (8000 characters per message) to output data from the node

• Fixed autocomplete bugs. Now the console input responds normally to the up/down arrows and does not superimpose the autocomplete text on the text of the entered text

[2.3-0] - 2022-02-22


• Reworked application fonts

• Icons updated

• Added logo clickability

• Added autocomplete commands in Console

• Added current cellframe-dashboard build version to the Settings page

• Updated the log loading indicator

• Improved indicators animation. Now they work in sync


• Fixed application launching without starting a service

• Certificates, Wallets, Settings, dApps redesigned to match the layout

• Fixed bug with infinite loading of logs

• Fixed bug causing crashing

Cellframe Node

[5.1-368] - 2023-03-10


- Added a notifier that is triggered when a transaction is added to the ledger

- A wrapper for working with a notifier that is triggered when a transaction hits the ledger has been added, as well as an output of information about errors in plugins when calling the atom notifier, if such errors have occurred

- Mechanics for encrypting the wallet and certificate with a password

- Added work with TSD sections for transactions

- A wrapper for getting the TSD type has been added and txGetTSD has been renamed simply to data

- Extracting signatures from the emission and extractEmission from the mempool without verifying the token signature

- Added additional validation of datums in DAG rounds when processing

- Logrotate daily or 1Gb logsize

- Falcom port for C++ projects

- Added prefix of installation for default cfg creation, disabled it for autobuilds

- JSON-RPC handler with method for receiving transactions

- Skip Python plugin initialization when plugins are disabled in configuration file

- links_static_only=true in all networks configs

- Ticker check

- Mileena configuration questions

- Readme update

- Added the functionality of sending a transaction to an "empty" address in order to burn them during the unstaking

- Update os/debian/postinst

- Return kqueue event removing sequence

- Refine the calculation of the transaction ticker in the mempool sheet

- Accurate timers for MacOS

- OSx pkg build added

- Updated Readme.md

- sync_request types

- Notify socket parameters in config for node macOS build

- Created default config for 'make install'


- Fixed work on displaying orders. Now, if the final transaction is not found, then the order will have the INVALID status, otherwise UNKNOWN

- OSx config creation

- Don't install cellframe-node if cellframe-dashboard is installed

- Datum isn't signed in mempool: fixed

- Missing python binaries: fixed

- Big size of chains: fixed

- Big size of logs: fixed

- Buffer overflow: fixed

- Mac timer deletion segfault: fixed

- Segfault on Mac m1: fixed

- Problems with periodic synchronization of GDB: fixed

- Memory leaks: fixed

- Stream: fixed

[5.1-304] - 2022-11-14


• Packed substrutures in OUT_COND type

• Build in new docker enviroment implemented

• Build with python anv

• Deleting chains and gdb in cli command

• Add checking the network fee at the ledger level and creating exits to the network fee and exchanger fee for exchange transactions

• New build environment

• RWD build enabled (more debug info)

• HTTP balance handler

• Reworked timers

• Reworked mempool and TON logic

• Added node protection from segfault

• Changed float to int in stake_lock command

• Return root cert to Backbone share

• Python-cellframe update:

- Fixed construct dict for datum in mempool chain

- Fix in function getAddr

- Fixed memory issue for datums

- Fixed work with datum

- Fixed function deserialization datum from bytes

• Updated python environment

• Submodules update


• Windows builds

• High consuming of memory with enabled autoonline

• When performing single staking, there are many identical entries in tx_history

• Mainchain config validators

• Minkowski mainchain config certs

• Fixed single-token staking

• Intercontext message queue overflow

• Fixed token update

• Fixed unsafe GDB entries

• Fixed stake transactions in minkowski network

• Calls out of context in dap_client

• Server object init

• Alias for Server object

• Ledger transaction history

• Memory leaks

• Ledger verifiers added after loading

• tx_history -addr doesn't work

• When loading the ledger cache from the DB, the spent transaction outputs become unspent again

• Fix display of stake transactions

• Syntax error fixed

• Cmake install fixed

• Python find path fixed

• When resynchronizing, the node does not go online

• Some explorer fixes

[5.1-248] - 2022-09-05


• Added DAP_SOCK_DROP_WRITE_IF_ZERO for event socket

• Timestamp and group filters for GlobalDB

• Reworked sync

• CAP_SYS_RESOURCE capabilities

• Option for listing network and chain


• Stock features

• Reworked dap_http_simple

• Export and import of GDB

• Auto-create transaction inputs in JSON

• Default chain for type of datum at creating datum in CLI

• Backported stake_lock

• dap_chain_ledger_verificators_init() [ object dap_chain_ledger_token_emission_for_stake_lock_item_t and started s_emission_for_stake_lock_item_find()]

• dap_time_from_str_simplified() in dap_time for stake_lock hold

• Updated:

• Datums queue for block-ton & dag

• Python-cellframe has been updated with the following changes:

- Fixed getting an object of the date and time type of the conditional exit of the transaction, and now the value of the transaction exit is returned as a DapMath object

- Renamed DapChainCsDagEvent_DapChainCsDagEventType to DapChainCsDagEventType

- Added the fromAtom function to the ChainCsDagEvent object

- Added plugin with unit tests

- Added subscription verification for declaration token

- Added wrapping for function dap_chain_global_db_add_sync_extra_group

• Add mileena configs creation from tpl

• cellframe and python SDK updated

• Removed core-t & kelvin.testnet certs

• Stability changes

• Logrotate reenabled by systemd timers

• Updated srv_xchange commands

• Mempool chains to token emit command

• Autocomplite rework

• Renamed srv_xchange price -> srv_xchange order

• cellGAINZ patch

• New DAG PoA rounds

• Unified chain configs for mac/linux

• Linux /share file retured


• Command order find

• Network sync

• Memory leaks

• Dag round broadcast & srv stake

• Dynamic modules

• Fixed transaction history after call tx_create, token_decl и token_emit commands

• HTTP reply

• Sync in mileena network

• MDBX driver

• cache responce from HTTP

• Mileena configs

• Help command output

• Wallet balance changing

• Sign hash bug

• Fixed maths

• Lock fix for CDB driver

• MDBX driver incorrect list of sync

• Fixed export

• Forks in TON network

• TON deadlock

• dap_store_unpacket_multiple()

• Incorrect sampling multiple write in MDBX

• Fragmentation of blocks etc

• Help for autocomplete

• Broken GDB element

• Error sending more than 1 argument to queue

• Mempool_proc doesn't work

• Duplicated packets

• Transaction created by the exchanger is rejected by it's verifier

• VPN-server rework in node

• Arguments parsing for command ledger

• SQlite replace record if exists

• Verificator_added for out_cond not stake_lock and added token verification in stake_lock

• Verifier initialization and returned check

• Converting time from a string for Windows

• Staking hotfix

• Flow control default off

• Minkowski ID changed for backward compatibility

• Python plugin

• Ledger hotfix

• Mileena main chain config for 1 validator

• Incorrect work of function DIV_256_COIN()

• Ledger verifiers added to it after loading

• Backbone ton_node_addrs switched to master0

• Back to 3 nodes in ton_addrs for backbone

• Issue with clearning memory after using function dap_strdup_printf in python-cellframe

• Minkowski confirmation timout to 30

• Static addrs will be now rechecked with cfg

• Link lost in master-nodes

• Massive misuse of dap_sign_verify_size()

• Rework the logic of work with the mempool and the logic of TON consensus

• Segmentation fault with zero token ticker when calculating ledger balances

[5.1-98] - 2022-04-28


• TON module

• Сerttificate support

• Signs counter

• Mainnet configs and certs

• Backbone and Mileena configs and certs

• TON certificate authorization

• Static genesis event

• Datum check in blocks with auto_proc parameter

• Emission double spend check

• Debug output for notifier

• Voting channel message limit

• Dag-round broadcast

• Block sign verify to ton in poa mode

• Signs check by unique and validate in dag-poa & block-ton

• Rwlock to blocks cache

• Threshold processing for PoA rounds

• Static build with libzip for Linux

• Perfomance optimization

• Two new networks: Mileena and Backbone

• Merkle hash

• Fee output

• TON blocks

• CF20 token declaration

• Updated cellframe and python SDK

• TSD emission

• Corrections for datum & events printing

• Remove broadcast in dag round

• Downlinks broadcasting

• Extended logging for mempool proc

• Few stability changes

• New GDB format

• Removed bad addressed from database


• Ton address list

• Ton validators list

• Command token_emit

• Few depends

• Syncronization

• TON parameters

• Cellframe-sdk compilation problem

• Rounds

• Configs for node

• Blocks

• Gdb


• Dag-poa

• Math compilation

• Signing

• Datum size

• Math conversion

• PoA rounds

• MacOS builds

• Homebrew for MacOS


[5.1-11] - 2022-03-29


• Updated Cellframe and Python SDK

• Added TON module

• 256-bit arithmetic

• Asynchronous write to the database

• Delegated stake service

• Whitelist for sync groups

• Improved access to private networks by certificate


• Fixed few depends

• Fixed few problem with syncronization

• Fixed private tokens issues

• Fixed Cellframe-SDK compilation problem

[5.0-47] - 2022-03-23


• Added paid mode for services (VPN, etc)

• Added service client

• Updated Cellframe and Python SDK: added wrappers and plugins


• Bug with client-socket on Mac OS

• Keep-alive in stream and sync

• Deadlock in ledger

[5.0-40] - 2022-03-15


• Added Minkowski network configuration files

• Removed obsolete Tesla crypto algorithm to support token and certificate creation

• Added validation of wallet name for alphabetic characters only

• Added static python environment for AMD

• Update for python static lib


• No polling after installation of .deb package

[5.0-26] - 2022-01-20


• Ledger cache rework

• Python-cellframe updated

• Added rounds features

• Search by hash in ledger tx info works in all network chains

• Replacement of links received by DNS

• Added a universal package of cellframe-node for all linux distributions

• Optimized queries to sqlite DB


• Tx_history command doesn't work

• Node getting wrong DNS links

• Node receives incorrect DNS links

• Command tx_history doesn't work

[5.0-19] - 2022-01-04


• Updated plugin for CBD

• Subzero network

• Native support for 128 bit

• Updated SDK


• Commands "recheck" and "static" doesn't recognize by node

• Error writing datum to mempool

• Node doesn't see created token at the emission

• Command "wallet list" work incorrect

• At the synchornizing node excludes all servers

• Link counter exceeds max counts of links

• Machine of sync state

• Operations with wallets didn't work (replenishment, transfer)

• Incorrect output of the ledger tx info command

[4.4-67] - 2021-12-17


• Backup with 24 words and backup from file

• Variable PATH


• The token_update command did not work

• Cellframe-node failed to install due to missing dependent packages

• Memory leak errors

• Synchronization link counter error

• Lack of synchronization with GDB

• Transfer error between wallets

• Incorrect operation of net -net links and order find command

• "No response from node" error when connecting to a node via cli

• The node crashed when the dag_poa command was executed in the cli

• Tx_verify command was not recognized by the node

• Incorrect operation of the -net parameter in wallet info command

• Crash of cellframe-node service when starting cellframe-dashboard

• Cellframe-dashboard and Cellframe-node bugs on MacOS

• "Unknown subcommand '(null)'" error when typing some commands in cli

• The new signature format was not compatible with the old signatures

• "Failed to start Cellframe Node" error after restarting the service

• Incorrect operation of the ca list command

• Error when reading old format emissions

• The list of orders was missing

• Wrong cellframe-node packing for Arm

[4.4-55] - 2021-10-20



• Incorrect work of the VPN client

• Error initializing logs

• Incorrect client connection termination on forced close

• Duplicate records in the transaction history

• Database growth error during synchronization

• Error getting nodelist by vpn client

• A node crashing while processing mempool (executing the mempool_proc command)

• Offline network with auto_online set to true

• Tx_history command didn't work

• Some dependencies were missing in deb package

[4.0-40] - 2020-09-09


• Improved automatic handling of mempool

• Some of the synchronization processing has been moved from the reactor to the processor

• Improved tun driver multithreading mode


• Fixed problem of selective synchronization between nodes instead of full

• Fixed "Too big size" error in packet write

[3.5-15] - 2020-08-18


• Added the ability to check the performance of nodes from the list in the background

• Added representation of hashes of transactions, events, datums and others in base58 form


• Fixed DNS resolver bug

• Fixed bug with negative padding in IAES

• Fixed swapping bytes directly in key while encoding (IAES)

• Fixed "client buffer overflow" problem

[3.5-7] - 2020-07-17


• Added private network mode with certificate authorization

• Added delegated stakе service

• Added regional balancing for CDB

• Added token exchanger service within the network


• The VPN service freezing over time has been fixed

• Fixed a segmentation fault when calling commands for working with tokens: token_update, token_decl_sigsn, tx_history

[3.3-5] - 2020-05-25


• DAPT and KELT tokens issued in core-t

• Launched plasma chain for core-t network

• Updated genesis event for zerochain on core-t network

• Improved handling of certificate metadata

• Added support for dap interval timer under MacOS

• Added news creeping line


[3.2-1] - 2020-05-01


• Added support for receiving and reading bug reports in the CDB-node

• Adjusted sequential synchronization with all nodes

• Automatic mempool processing mode added for the Master Node role

• Added a built-in DNS server


• Fixed error in processing non-receipt of http-data

• Fixed incorrect processing of chains in the mempool

• Fixed bugs in libdap-crypto

Cellframe Wallet

[1.1-0] - 2023-03-09


- Added an auto-start feature for the node when it's closed through Windows

- Added restoration of the chosen network and wallet when restarting a session

- Added new icons

- Added a message when there is an absence of transactions or tokens

- Reworked "See more" buttons for transactions and tokens. Now a history list opens with the 15 latest entries and a button to switch to the transaction history tab

- Added a fading animation when switching between tabs

- Added a wallet address to "Wallet" tab

- Added tooltips for the "Networks" menu

- Reworked gradients, changed to Canvas

- Added a context menu for text fields with an ability to Cut\Copy\Paste

- Added a custom system frame for the Windows version of the application

- Updated the application icon for all OS releases

- Added a tracking mechanism for transactions that are still in the mempool

- Added an indicator for data loading on "Wallet" and "Transactions" tabs

- Transaction processor was moved from JS to C++. This allows to accelerate the workflow of the application and lower the CPU load

- Added a blur to all appearing panels


- Fixed the issue resulting in not displaying transaction histories with 1 entry

- Fixed the issue with opening a wallet activation window right after its deactivation

- Fixed the issue resulting in application crash when "Auto online" flag in the Settings is changed

- Fixed the issue resulting in text overlay of balance and token name in "Wallet" tab

- Fixed the issue of long wallet names not fitting in the top panel borders

- Fixed the issue that prevented hovering from working on the Windows version

- Fixed the issue of dApps not disappearing from the side menu after deletion

- Fixed the issue that prevented the application from updating its data if "Auto online" flag was turned off

- Fixed the issue resulting in incorrect pop-up notification when connecting to a staking website

- Fixed the issue with overlapping buttons in the Settings tab if the Networks combobox menu was open

- Fixed the issue resulting in not all application components fitting in the interface in the Windows version

- Fixed the issue that prevented encypted wallet from being created

- Fixed the issue resulting in flashing of the token selected to send