AMA with ICO Speaks, 30 November

AMA with ICO Speaks, 30 November

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We would like to give thanks to ICO Speaks for hosting our AMA on 11/30/2021 with Dmitriy Gerasimov, CEO of Cellframe. You could find the recap of the AMA below.

ICOSpeaks: What is Cellframe?

Dmitriy Gerasimov: Cellframe is a platform, an ecosystem for creating modern blockchain solutions. It has a lot of advantages so that’s only the list of key features:

– Quantum-proof encryption

– High throughput

– Green solution (low power consumption)

– Easy and flexible dApp platform

– Single super application for integration to the ecosystem

– Parachains

ICOSpeaks: What makes Cellframe different from other cryptocurrencies?

Dmitriy Gerasimov: There are lots of differences, let’s mention most critical:

– $CELL is a quantum-resistant cryptocurrency that has successfully implemented several quantum-hacking resistant signatures. This technology will be sustainable in the era of quantum computers, which will threaten the encryption of many cryptocurrencies

– Peer-to-peer sharding eliminates theoretical limits for tx throughput

– dApps API make able to make low-level dApps like VPN, CDN and dedicated storage

ICOSpeaks: What is Cellframe doing to achieve its goals?

Dmitriy Gerasimov: Developers work without stopping on the launching of the main stages of the project. We are betting on high technological efficiency. Also, we are constantly working on marketing tasks. We’re cooperating with big influencers and making content for a wide audience on different sources.

ICOSpeaks: Why should people invest in $CELL?

Dmitriy Gerasimov: Because it’s cool. Okay, let’s be serious, $CELL has great growth potential. Now it is on level of 2$. Growth for the last month was more than 100%. We are not far off launching the mainnet. We believe this and other milestones will spur and maintain the exchange rate.

ICOSpeaks: What on the project’s roadmap has been completed, and what will be completed next?

Dmitriy Gerasimov: Recently we ran testnet 2.0 which allows developing bridges with the Ethereum, BSC and Bitcoin networks. Quite soon we’ll launch the mainnet. Before the mainnet we’re also planning to add more subchains in Subzero network (Testnet 2.0) and some other new features. Stay tuned, updates will be soon.

ICOSpeaks: What is the marketing plan for the project?

Dmitriy Gerasimov: We are still cooperating with big influencers. We are starting to tell what CELL is for as many people as possible. We are searching for partners from the crypto world and we can offer them particular things.

ICOSpeaks: How well is the project’s community?

Dmitriy Gerasimov: The project’s community is growing constantly. Now we have 20k holders, the growth has been almost 60% since the last month. We have a live community where everybody can ask whatever he/she wants. Also, we’re growing the development community where you can ask anything about code sources, API, config files etc.

ICOSpeaks: Does the project have competitors, if so what makes Cellframeame the better project?

Dmitriy Gerasimov: I don’t like to be a competitor to somebody else, I prefer to have collaboration with others. But unfortunately at the current stage we have competitors. The project’s competitors are 3rd generation blockchains like DOT, KSM, ATOM, SOL, ADA. The main and the most important difference is Cellframe uses post-quantum cryptography. Other projects have classic cryptography, which may be vulnerable to the quantum threat.

ICOSpeaks: Can you please explain what are the advantages of using your Platform and is it friendly for beginners like me?

Dmitriy Gerasimov: Advantages are listed before: quantum-proof, API for low-level dApps, parachains and others. For you as for beginner, we have another advantage: Python SDK for truly dedicated applications (t-dApps) and yes, it’s easier than anything else.

ICOSpeaks: Revenue is an important aspect for all projects to survive and sustain. So how does your project plan to generate profit and revenue?

Dmitriy Gerasimov: We have a service-based tokenomics, circulation is provided by dedicated service providers. CELL holders could stake their tokens after the mainnet launch and earn on fees from service providers that require this stake. Also possible to stake CELL with ETH, BNB, USDT and BUSD on UniSwap and Pancake and bid with LP in CellSlot auctions, that gives profit in project’s token.

ICOSpeaks: Do you have any plans to attract non-crypto investors to join your project? Because the success of a project attracts more investors who haven’t yet entered the crypto world. What are the plans to raise awareness about your project in the non-crypto space?

Dmitriy Gerasimov: Yes, our super application Cellframe Dashboard is focused on non-crypto users as well. It should give the same services as centralized cloud providers do, but with better quality, better price, and better security.

We’re strongly focused to make fog solutions more user-friendly than cloud solutions and make them the same easy to use for non-crypto users. One of our parachain, KelVPN, does this trick so you can use all power of dedicated VPN but ever without your private wallet (but better with it of course).

ICOSpeaks: Is your platform suitable for crypto beginners? Or does it only limited to professional users?

Dmitriy Gerasimov: Yes, it’s open for beginners. Inside we have C-based code, yes, but we also have Python-based API on Cellframe Node and JavaScript Plugins API for Cellframe Dashboard. So if you’re familiar with Python and JS you can write your dApp, send it to us for approvement and if it passes through we publish its checksum on blockchain and make it available for downloading and installation to all the users.

ICOSpeaks: Your project has a plan to educate the community, thereby raising awareness, applying and helping more people understand you easily?

Dmitriy Gerasimov: Yes, we have our wiki and a dedicated tech writing team that updating the docs. Also, we’re planning to have hackathons, issue tutorials, video tutorials, and collaborate with educational centers.