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AMA, December 23: Cellframe Dashboard release

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Dmitriy Gerasimov, CEO of Cellframe, highlighted the last week’s news on a regular Thursday stream on 23 December. One of the most significant is the release of the super-application Cellframe Dashboard.

Cellframe Dashboard as a super-app combines the functions of a wallet, dex-exchange, and dApps repository. It could also be used for managing certificates and tokens, creation, and using orders for VPN services. With third-party plugins, own functionality could be added as well. The dashboard helps track recent transactions, exchange coins, and manage VPN in one service. The mobile version of it is being prepared.

Now users can see the history of the last transactions with the wallet in the Last Actions panel. Developers restored the functionality of the TX Explorer page, finalized the dark theme, added a wallet backup, new plugins, and copying of the text in the Console tab. The app is available for Windows and Linux.

In addition, the company has started to collaborate with its partners to assist in SDK integration. Mostly, the most straightforward usage of it is Layer 2 Protocol. The developing team is preparing examples of real projects, which will be shown soon.

The Ambassadors Program has been run to attract people from different countries to support communities and tell about the Cellframe project in their native language. The article with more detailed information will be published on the blog soon.

Some questions:

When do you expect to launch the LP pool?

If we talk about two tokens staking, you could already stake your Cells with Ethereum, USDT, BNB, BUSD, Uniswap, or PancakeSwap. As older your LP token, as more bonuses, you will have in the CELL-slot auction. The single token staking will be possible in March 2022, when the mainnet will have been launched.

Could you elaborate more on the built-in payment system that Cellframe will implement and how it will benefit the ecosystem?

This system is built on the ledger level and based on lego-blocks or transaction verifications that make conditional transactions. They can work with a check that proofs some provided services such as subscription, refund pattern payment, or any other services that differ from “pay and receive.”

How can I get tCELL test tokens?

You need to download the Cellframe Dashboard, create a wallet and send your address to SubZero Network. Also, a special site for building tokens is in progress. Keep in mind, tCELL tokens have no value and can be used only for testing purposes.

What are the prospects and vision of Cellframe?

We know that our cryptocurrency will be the safest in the future and lead to the top. We believe that Quantum Apocalypse is not so far. This will be potentially explosive for existing blockchain technologies. IBM announced they had designed a new quantum computing chip. The company believes that quantum systems will start within the next two years. The quantum threat is the risk of hacking the blockchain with the help of a quantum computer. Cellframe can counter this threat, whereas other systems with their cryptocurrencies will be jeopardized by hacking.

Do you have plans to take more partnerships?

We plan to collaborate with Finstreet, India’s First Crypto Education Institute. It’s one of the largest educational platforms on the subject of cryptocurrencies. Their audience is several million people. Polygon and Zilliqa are among their partners. We will make tutorials, content for short video platforms and YouTube, and webinars for students. I hope it will help attract more investors and developers to our project.