Cellframe LP Tokens creation guide

Cellframe LP Tokens creation guide

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Here is the guide on Creating LP tokens from your CELLs at Uniswap in pair with ETH (CELL/ETH). You can also create a pair with BNB in Binance Smart Chain at PancakeSwap.

The following pairs will be added later: CELL/USDT, CELL/USDC, CELL/DAI at Uniswap and CELL/BUSD, CELL/USDT, CELL/DAI at PancakeSwap. Stay tuned.

1. Go to the Uniswap website https://app.uniswap.org/#/swap?chain=mainnet

2. Connect your Metamask wallet in Ethereum network

Connect your Metamask wallet

3. Choose “Pool” tab

Choose “Pool” tab

4. Then click “More” and choose V2 liquidity

5. Now you can see the “Add Liquidity” window. In the first field, choose token ETH

6. Enter the Cellframe token ticker in the second field, and choose token CELL

6.1. If Uniswap can’t find CELL token, then click Manage Token Lists → switch to Tokens and CELL smart-contract address: 0x26c8AFBBFE1EBaca03C2bB082E69D0476Bffe099 and choose CELL

7. Then input how much ETH and CELL you want to stake and click “Add liquidity” button. The amount in ETH and CELL that you specified will be debited from your account, and the token of the CELL/ETH liquidity pair will be added to your wallet.