Cellframe Partners with Jigstack

Cellframe Partners with Jigstack

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We are pleased to announce a partnership with Jigstack, a decentralized autonomous organization governing a portfolio of Ethereum network assets and protocols.

Despite DeFi’s public portrayal as the exciting future of finance, it is worrisome how often we are reminded of its ruthlessness. Biweekly occurrences of millions of users’ funds being lost, hacked, stolen, or fraudulently misplaced seem to have become the norm. The potential for DeFi to be truly disruptive is there, but the current reality is far from it.

Jigstack aims to realize this potential through reliability and commerciality rivaling that of major centralized institutions, all the while maintaining the freedom of decentralization. As a user empowering decentralized autonomous organization, Jigstack’s purpose is to govern a range of high-quality, revenue-generating network solutions by means of a conglomerate structure. The result is a self-sustaining ecosystem described as “a single revenue and governance feed, orchestrated via the native STAK token”.

Cellframe — JigBridge

By working as a team rather than competitors, Cellframe and Jigstack can leverage each other’s fortes to further grow and mature their own ecosystems. This is facilitated by the JigBridge through which the Jigstack ecosystem can seamlessly integrate with Cellframe.

Since the value of the Cellframe ecosystem is reliant on the quality and scope of its services, some of Jigstack’s high-quality standard projects could be wrapped as t-dApp services through decentralized Cellframe driving bridges to be implemented as dedicated services in the Cellframe ecosystem. Jigstack could even utilize the Cellframe SDK to develop some special projects based on Cellframe and benefit from commercial licensing for enterprise solutions.

In regards to token utilities — token mirroring, and atomic swaps between Cellframe and Jigstack increase the token liquidity for trading on the Cellframe DEX and more token use cases can be explored within and beyond the respective ecosystems.

“In developing JigBridge — in which Cellframe’s SDK will serve as an inter-blockchain bridge for Jigstack to access Jigstack assets on alternative platforms and also to unify all assets in the Jigstack ecosystem in a dashboard-enabled environment. JigBridge will also bring to life true Atomic Swaps, and much reduced fees, that can be enabled at the native blockchain-to-blockchain layer” — Charles Robinson Jigstack CBDO

“Cellframe ecosystem growth in many ways depends on different kinds of services for its economic diversification. So it’s important to collaborate with dedicated services developers on the early steps, with the Jigstack team I believe we improve our ecosystem with more dedicated services, more CELL token use cases, more possible use cases for Cellframe at all. For Jigstack team it gives bridge to go on wider auditory for their services, increase their token liquidity with trading on Cellframe DEX and make more and more dedicated services on the Cellframe platform” — CTO, Dmitry Gerasimov

About Jigstack

Jigstack provides value to DeFi and tokenization enthusiasts through uniformity, quality assurance, and user empowerment. By embracing the Decentralized Autonomous Organization model, the team creates an umbrella that encompasses multiple projects generating a revenue stream.

Telegram: https://t.me/jigstack

Telegram ANN: https://t.me/jigstackANN

Twitter: https://twitter.com/jigstack

Medium: https://medium.com/jigstack

About Cellframe

Cellframe is a quantum-resistant layer-1 network focused on facilitating secure and scalable cross-chain transfers. Cellframe aims to create an infrastructure for decentralized low-level services through its multichain nature. It is quantum-safe — it uses post-quantum encryption by default. Cellframe is built from scratch with plain C, which results in more efficient utilization of CPU and memory.

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