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Cellframe — Quantum Resistant Parachains Are Coming

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Cell Mates. The last two weeks here at Cellframe have been eventful but exciting to say the least.

In this bi-weekly update, we decided we would steer away from the usual style of listing technical updates and start talking about the more exciting stuff the community would like to hear about — quantum resistant parachains and upcoming Cellchain auctions.

Newly formed strategic advisory partnership

We understand here at Cellframe that it is vital to maintain a healthy relationship with our community. We realised the need to have a strategic change in direction so that our CEO, Dmitriy and the rest of the team can focus on what matters the most — quantum resistant parachains.

On that note — We are extremely excited to announce an official advisory partnership with InItForTheTech!

InItForTheTech is a strategic crypto advisory and PR firm headed up by none other than @PetaByteCapital and @TraderNJ — two very well known and influential figures in the Crypto Twitter space who understand how to maintain a positive image for Cellframe as well as having instilled a new level of trust with our community.

As part of the strategic partnership we will see InItForTheTech become official ambassadors to the Cellframe project with regards to community management and a general advisory service. We are already working together on some exciting announcements and you can expect to be hearing from us more often in the coming days and weeks.

Refined roadmap and hiring of additional team members

During these last two weeks, partly thanks to our new advisory partnership, we have now had more time on our hands to focus on our core goals and added to our already rapidly expanding team.

With that said. We would like to proudly welcome the following new members to the Cellframe family:

  • Mikhail Shilenko — Frontend developer
  • Nikolay Veprikov — Frontend develope
  • Alexey Stratulat — Backend developer
  • Artur Khudyaev — Tech writer

We have also made some core updates to our new roadmap which has been added to the Cellframe website and was announced on Twitter too.

Cellchain auctions and technical development updates

We are extremely close to the release of our official Cellchain auction website. Here is where you’ll be able to officially apply for a Cellchain slot and indicate as to whether you plan to raise funds for a Cellchain.

This quarter we will also be releasing a beta version of our Cellframe Dashboard. These two updates in particular will pave the way for onboarding projects with Cellframe and in preparation for our mainnet launch which is on track to be launched by the end of this year.

Other than that, we’ve pushed new changes to our Github recently pushing the latest updates to the official stable version of our SDK and nodes. A huge amount of work has gone into this over the last 3 months and all bugs have been ironed out.

We can confirm quantum resistant parachains are coming, and they’re coming fast!

. . .

Quantum computing is a rapidly developing field and we intend to stay ahead of the game by implementing this tech before any other parachain project. The quantum computing threat is real and our Cellchains will allow secure interoperability between blockchains networks such as Ethereum, Polkadot, Solana and others.

We don’t intend to compete with other layer 1 projects, in fact we intend to compliment these networks as a whole.

Upcoming exchange listings

We have heard the community’s concerns regarding listings on major exchanges and we understand that it is simply not feasible enough for most investors to onboard with Cellframe considering rising gas fees on the Ethereum network.

Whilst we cannot give further details regarding these listings at this stage, we can confirm these are being worked on as a top priority for us and we highly appreciate your patience during these processes. We ask the community to hold tight and bare with us just a little longer. We are coming to tier 1 exchanges and appreciate your patience during this process.

About Cellframe

Cellframe is a quantum-resistant layer-1 network focused on facilitating secure and scalable cross-chain transfers. Cellframe aims to create an infrastructure for decentralized low-level services through its multichain nature. It is quantum-safe — it uses post-quantum encryption by default. Cellframe is built from scratch with plain C, which results in more efficient utilization of CPU and memory.

Stay tuned for more info and follow us at:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/cellframenet

Telegram: https://t.me/cellframe

Website: https://cellframe.net/

Telegram ANN: https://t.me/CellframeANN