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Community Update — LP Rewards Boost, Venture Capital Offers, Stats, Ecosystem Fund

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Welcome to Cellframe’s first Community Update.

When designing the token economics and distribution schedules, we were careful to structure them proportionally with the market cap, but the recent price action wasn’t within the expected scope and blew this proportion out of the way. In addition, we had several requests from angel investors and reputable VCs for OTC deals, because the current liquidity pool can’t facilitate the position size they want. The proposals were enticing and would boost Cellframe in the short-term, but it would potentially be harmful long-term rather than beneficial to the Cellframe ecosystem — we rejected the offers.

To ensure that the Cellframe ecosystem grows in a healthy way, we are deploying an additional 5% of the total CELL supply into the LP Rewards Program to accelerate a healthy token distribution for the mainnet launch, increase incentives to add liquidity, and reward users who interact with our protocol.

LP Rewards Program Statistics

  • Pre-boost APY: 278%
  • TVL: $2,350,572
  • Rewards unlock rate: 534,663 CELL / Month

New Boosted APY: 556%

$10M Cellframe Ecosystem Fund

Yesterday, we announced the $10 Million Cellframe Ecosystem Fund that we will be using the ecosystem fund to strategically acquire the work of other teams on Ethereum, Polkadot, Binance Smart Chain, Fantom, and Solana — where CELL holders can vote for the acquisition parameters and vesting terms. In this time, we already spoke with two potential projects.

Further information and details on our ecosystem fund will be revealed in our multi-parted Ecosystem Fund introduction series, which we plan to conclude with successful acquisitions.


From our talks with current and prospective partners, we found out that the interoperable nature of Cellframe has been advantageous in establishing mutually beneficial relationships that do not require drastic measures from either side. This means we can efficiently broaden our network and accelerate the maturation of our ecosystem, while also supporting our partners through our experience in quantum-security, scalability and cross-chain transfers.

Partnering with credible projects like UNION Finance and MobiFi at such an early stage of our launch has been a great pleasure. We’re grateful for the insights and look forward to the future.

We’ve got many exciting partnerships that we can’t wait to share with everyone, so stay tuned!

Token Trading Statistics

It’s been a wild ride since our CELL token Uniswap launch on the 17th of March. As mentioned, we have experienced growth beyond our expectations. At its all-time high, CELL found itself at a price of $7,24–72x from our listing price of $0,10. This places us at #2 in terms of Trustswap launch returns.

Needless to say, this extreme growth has been matched by trading activity of similar proportions. At one point Cellframe ranked #3 on Uniswap 24 Volume, overtaking wBTC, UNI and DAI. All in all, we’re excited to see what the market has in store for CELL in the future!


  • ATL volume: $716,374
  • ATH volume: $31,852,173
  • Total volume since launch: $132,870,265


  • ATL price: $0,10
  • ATH price: $7,24


  • Holders: 4953
  • Transfers: 20,897