Why Cellframe?

Why Cellframe?

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Among the numerous industry projects aimed to bring or implement some new features to already existing areas or technologies whether to establish the revolutionary way to the big-time development of the sector, quantum technologies have a special place.

Fact is, the development rate fastens each year and the shadow of the Quantum Apocalypse is already upon us.

The emergence of the quantum computing indeed poses a serious threat to the known forms of program security such as key cryptography which empowers the blockchain apps.

Crafting a PQ shield

Up to date, the specific countermeasures had also been in development for a long time. Top world cryptographers are working on quantum-resistant cryptography, and there are already blockchain projects aimed to implement this feature. The question arises here — what makes the actual “post-quantum” cryptography useful? When private keys generated from public keys in ways that are much more mathematically complex than traditional prime factorization. To be clear, quantum computing threatens all computer security systems that rely on public key cryptography, not just the blockchain. All security systems, including blockchain systems, need to consider post-quantum cryptography to maintain data security for their operations. No doubt, the easiest and most efficient way to deal with it would be to replace traditional systems with the blockchain systems that implement quantum-resistant cryptography.

Some projects had already come up with particular solutions. The upcoming project Cellframe, for example, represents one of the most advanced blockchain developments for the post-quantum era.

Cellframe is aimed to come up with long-term-needed solutions to many existing and accumulated problems such as scalability, security and transaction speed. It is a quantum resistant blockchain of the new generation, optimized for high load and merge of all the top modern features of existing blockchain technologies. One of the essential features is the variative Post-quantum algorithms, implemented to make Cellframe quantum resistant to survive the upcoming so-called “Quantum Apocalypse.”

Cellframe project concept is based on three main aspects: scalability, variability, and security.

The specific features include the ring signatures, variability in different encryption and wallet types, multichain & sharding support, enhanced speed, Smart Contracts and Open API for 3rd party coins and projects and so on.

The question arises, therefore — if the blockchain security is impossible in quantum Systems-powered future and whether the advent of quantum computing influence the overall blockchain technology spread and makes it outdated?

The following advantages of the Cellframe should be outlined:


The node scalability of the Cellframe is robust and is limited only by the hardware power. Since we use the direct C-code, the node optimization problem is not present at all.


Multiple blockchains with different consensus algorithms, token types, and assignments will be available. The multichain technology allows creating almost an unlimited potential for speed and productivity. Cellframe can launch up to ²⁶⁴ subchains — more available subchains will benefit in increased rate and security.


Cellframe project itself is flexible to implementing cryptographic algorithms which will make it one of the safest blockchains ever existed with 10+ signature available from the start. Our project does not rely on any particular signature algorithm and due to the multi-client use — on some single consensus. In case of any problems, it is possible to quickly locate the threat and prevent its distribution throughout the system. Plus, work on zero-knowledge ring signature

4.The Post-Quantum Cryptography

Includes the post-quantum ring signatures for making the entirely anonymous transactions goal a modern-day reality.

5.The universal API for existing and feature services

We plan our project launch with five specific services: VPN, IoT, Smart Contracts+, Distributed Computing, Audio/Video Streaming and more.

6. Flexibility

Cellframe is very flexible and adaptive, which makes it a perfect choice for implementation of the new blockchain projects and platforms.


Cellframe Plasm subchain is planned to have up to 100,000 TPS and more on the start — and that’s also not the limit. Every transaction could be put in any underlying blockchain, so its possible to add new token types and have new subchains. It results in a system almost without limits — the theoretically unlimited speeds will be available.

Plasm subchain is presented as delegated DAG tied to mining of a Cell subchain (hierarchical PoW).

8.Convenience of use

Moreover, all the blockchains will be processed in one wallet so that the client could have fast transactions, secure investments and cheap smart contracts as well as a lot of other services at his hand.

The Post-Quantum Cryptography, including Post-Quantum ring signatures for making the entirely anonymous transactions a modern day reality;

Multiple blockchains with different consensus algorithms, token types, and assignments. More available subchains will benefit from increased speed and security.

Sharding, Open API for 3rd party coins and projects, flexible structure with more than ten signature types on the start, smart contracts support fast transactions and other modern features.

Quantum Apocalypse Defence

What is the Cellframe purpose at large? Our ultimate goal is to offer potential clients the top-notch quality technology solutions of the new generation, which assumes the best features from the currently existing technologies while raising the bar much higher.

We plan to make Cellframe project useful even in the long run due to further advancements and upgrades of it’s unique structure — that will ensure the Cellframe supremacy over the market in future. Our company is proud to create and present the product that is already ahead of its time, and we are aimed to maintain its progress constant.

Moreover, market situation nowadays shows decidedly fewer competitors that utilize similar progressive ideas. Cellframe represents the best solutions of tomorrow for the better, safer and more advanced forthcoming technological future.

Find out more about our Quantum Apocalypse Defence project in the Telegram channel and the official website.