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Why You Should Build on the Cellframe Network

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Although we trust our loyal readers and followers to know all about the Cellframe network, many out there still think of blockchain networks to be strictly for crypto-based projects. We’re here to tell you that whether you’re looking for a secure blockchain for supply chain management systems, payment trackers or even music royalty trackers — you’ve come to the right place!

Your first question might be “Why should I build on the Cellframe instead of well-established blockchains such as Ethereum (ETH) or Solana (SOL)?” We wish that it was easy enough for us to simply say that “Cellframe is the best blockchain”, and leave it at that — hoping that our followers will trust us enough not to ask any further questions. We are however dedicated to keeping our readers well informed, so let’s get into it.

Everyone is talking about the same thing — gas!

The hottest topic worldwide right now is focused around the crazy increase in gas prices. Although gas in the physical world is quite different to gas in the crypto world — in both realms, gas prices seem to be an issue.

Your first instinct might be to go for the ETH blockchain, which we agree is well-established and the best known within the crypto world. However, even the cream of the crop comes with its shortfalls. One of the largest flaws in the ETH blockchain is the incredibly high online gas fees. Just to put it into perspective, the average gas fee on the ETH blockchain is 0.3%, where on the Cellframe network, we sit at a low of 0.1%. We trust you do the math. Not to mention that transaction speeds are exceptionally fast too.

Our main mission from the very start has been to minimize gas fees, which are now at the fraction of the cost compared to that on the ETH blockchain. Not only do we put our clients first, but the environment too. The lower the gas fees, the friendlier for the earth! A win-win situation if you ask me.

Not sold yet? Let’s dig deeper

If saving the planet as well as cutting down on fees hasn’t convinced you to build your projects on our network yet, let’s look into more benefits.

Our network is built with the integration of dual-layer sharding, conditioned transactions and multiparty computations. This probably sounds like a new foreign language, so let’s break it down together.

In the world of blockchains, dual-layer sharding is essentially a method that takes care of the increasing storage workload across networks, which ultimately increases scalability, while still ensuring the maintenance of privacy and security features. Conditioned transactions allow for interoperability, which simply put, is the process of communication between two or more blockchains. This is important for miners and investors to ensure that transactions are secure, safe and transparent. Interoperability of blockchain has not yet been implemented across the board — putting our Cellframe network, and you, ahead of the pack. The last aspect, being multiparty computations, is once again an extra layer of safety, ensuring that your inputs are kept confidential.

So to sum it up in super simple terms– our network is all about scalability, privacy, security and transparency.

Entering the post-quantum era, iRobot much?

At this point in time, quantum computers do not yet have the capabilities to hack into modern blockchains (at least from what we know, the likes of iRobot make us think otherwise). The chances of this happening though, are not non-existent. With that being said, we at Cellframe are always looking to the future. The threat of quantum technologies infiltrating blockchains is a serious cause for concern, which we are well prepared for. Our integrated variable post-quantum encryption supports the implementation of multiple quantum-resistant signatures simultaneously. In short, this ensures that all projects on our network are not only secure in the present, but in the future too. Think of us as being the Marty McFly’s of the blockchain world.

Final Thoughts

There is no doubt that we are at the very beginning of the Cellframe network’s journey. From the start, we have been all about our users — with the above examples proving just that. Not only is our network the cost-efficient option for your projects, but we also ensure a secure and transparent solution for you, which other blockchains have not yet caught upon. With regards to the future of quantum tech infiltrating the blockchain, there is no need to worry. You’d really be a square if you don’t get in on the network today.

Let’s witness the future of Cellframe!