Cellframe Dashboard v.2.10–14: Use and Enjoy!

Cellframe Dashboard v.2.10–14: Use and Enjoy!

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Today we are pleased to present to your attention a new, improved build of Cellframe Dashboard!

As you may have heard, the most important update in the new version of the application is the ability to create special Protected wallets. Now, in addition to adding a seed phrase (ours consists of 24 words), you will be able to add an individual password.

In addition, in the new version:

- On the Wallet tab, we have added the ability to conveniently select the desired wallet using an intuitive drop-down menu.

- Implemented auto-recovery of the previously selected wallet. Now when you restart the application, your settings are saved!

- We fixed a number of bugs and switched to a more convenient data exchange format in order to speed up and optimize the service as much as possible.

Summing up, we can confidently say that the new Dashboard works much faster and responds to user requests an order of magnitude better! It is already available on Windows and Linux. Assembly for MacOS is on the way.

*The new Cellframe Dashboard is already available for download via the link: https://cellframe.net/download

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