Roadmap Update

Roadmap Update

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Completed stages

  • Single token staking launch
  • Production-ready Cellframe Web3 API

Current stage

  • BEP20 CELL Migration, BSC Staking Launch

Planned milestones

  • First release candidate for mainnet node
  • ETH Staking
  • DEX updates
  • 2nd-level sharding (cells)
  • Cellframe Dashboard with reworked UX
  • Cross-network transactions
  • KelVPN mainnet launch
  • Open beta for community-driven master nodes
  • Bug bounty
  • Bidirectional bridge
  • Release candidate becomes the new Cellframe Node release
  • Mainnet Release Version


We have added to our Roadmap, detailing what we have been doing, are doing now, and will be doing in the near future. We are also announcing changes to our current strategy.

Until recently, we had to push to go as fast as possible, which invariably led to a decrease in the quality of decisions. That is why now we have decided to focus on bringing out products and services that are finished at the right level. This applies to both previously released solutions and planned ones. For this reason, BSC staking and BEP20 $CELL migration are delayed: we are developing all the components necessary for perfect operation.

We pushed forward the release of single staking to the maximum in order to show that it works in principle. We want to implement the next release in such a way as to demonstrate the reliability of our software.

Additionally, we are starting a redesign of the UX Dashboard Cellframe to lower the entry threshold for new users and the number of steps required to work with it. The new version will be intuitive even for inexperienced users.

After the release of BSC staking and migration, we will create a new Cellframe node release candidate as soon as possible (separating it from the current development version). There will be many changes before restarting the mainnet. And before opening a two-way bridge, we will hold a bug bounty for third-party hackers.