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How to Run a Node, Participate in Testnet and Earn: Key Points

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*Current state: Beta-version of Mainnet launch and testnet.


  • 1000 $CELL
  • Low hardware requirements (before service-providing begins in the early-ecosystem stage, you can launch a Cellframe Node even on a Raspberry Pi 2 Gb).

Profits from running a Node are dependent on the ecosystem stage.

Early Cellframe Ecosystem Stage

What is the goal of the early stage? In the first several years, the main goal of the ecosystem is to grow and improve its decentralization, because the system has a low decentralization rate at the start.

What is the source of rewards? The rewards come from newly-emitted and locked funds, with the amount determined by community voting (the details are described in this Tokenomics 2.0 article).

Fully Operational Cellframe Ecosystem

What is the goal of the fully operational Cellframe ecosystem? The goal of the full Cellframe ecosystem is to replace currently popular cloud services with decentralized fog services.

What is the source of rewards? Validators will earn by providing services using the Cellframe t-dApps library and their hardware and bandwidth resources. This way, master nodes earn rewards through providing services and getting the payment from service users, minus small ecosystem fees (Network and Author fees).

How to run a Node (in testnet and in the future) you can find through the following links: