Why Cellframe is worth your investment

Why Cellframe is worth your investment

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Cellframe is a secure ecosystem with a user-friendly app and transparent and predictable policies. But why is Cellframe worth your investment?

We answer the question, demonstrating some of the prominent advantages of $CELL:

  • High security. Crystal Dilithium and Picnic encryption algorithms are robust and can withstand almost any attack. Significantly, Crystal Dilithium became one of the winners of the NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) competition, mathematically proving its potential effectiveness in resisting a potential quantum attack.

* You will soon be able to strengthen the protection of your wallet in another way — by enabling simultaneous protection with two or more signatures (with the ability to change at any time). The Cellframe team is already working on implementing this functionality.

  • Limited token circulation and limited annual issue. In practice, this means low inflation. $CELL will not depreciate from an excess of supply.
  • Friendly service tokenomics. The cost of Cellframe’s services is appropriate for the situation on the market. When working with our service, the user will have no questions about where the income comes from and why it is.
  • Low-cost transactions. Fee for transfer between wallets from 0.1 $CELL.
  • The possibility of a simple transition to the exchange. Our DEX with orders, an order book, and a candlestick chart. Binance will not ban you if you switch to a decentralized exchange.
  • Ease of use. We have created a simple and understandable Dashboard to manage the node, wallet, and VPN. Here you can track the latest transactions and exchange coins (yes, the exchange is also here).

Whether to invest in $CELL is up to you, but the facts ↑ speak for themselves.