AMA with CEO Dmitry Gerasimov, 29 September

AMA with CEO Dmitry Gerasimov, 29 September

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Hi Everyone! I’m Dmitry Gerasimov, CEO of Demlabs. Today we have our traditional AMA stream. Here are the topics we will cover today:

  • We will talk about ConfCall, our video conference tool: what we’ve done so far, and show you what it looks like.
  • We will discuss the subject of mobilization in Russia.
  • There will be some news from the development team: what we’ve done in the time since the last stream.
  • And I will give some details on Staking: the status of the staking site, and what to expect in the future.


Last week our smart contract for LP-staking passed the audit. No bugs or vulnerabilities were found. But, we are now working on new improvements to the contract, because it did not take into account differences in price between different pools. We saw this problem when we deployed it on the mainnet and tested it.

The bridge from ERC20 and BEP20 to our native CF20 protocol has been re-launched and is running on a new engine:

  • It is now faster and more stable than the one before. It works for all the tokens we have announced.
  • Delayed transactions are already being pushed — you can check! If you have problems, write to our support team, and we will help.

Single Token Staking

We are now launching single token staking. Today we are doing the final tests, and then everything will be ready.

  • How does single-token staking work in the Cellframe network?
  • 1M CELL tokens total will be shared by all stakers, and they will receive a special non-tradable token called mCell. These tokens can later be delegated to enable you to launch your own node. Rewards can be withdrawn any time.

Staking. Details

We’ve improved the code of the staking site. Now it is easier and more convenient to use:

  • We added a function to check the connection between the staking site and your wallet. If there is no connection, a notification will appear
  • New token pairs have been added to the staking site, the same tokens that were listed in our Tokenomics
  • We fixed bugs in the updated Statistics section and added a list of single token stakes. And you can now customize the style of the graphics.

News from the dev team

Cellframe Dashboard

  • You can now select a time period to display transaction history in the TX explorer tab.
  • The network you select now stays the same when you move to a new tab.
  • Inputting text into the DEX tab now works correctly.
  • In the Settings tab you can now choose the version of your node. This can be done in the top panel.


I want to remind everyone that we are developing a videoconferencing service. It is decentralized, and very fast. We designed it to be able to host calls with a large number of participants.

There are a few different formats for conference calls, such as:

  • lecture
  • meeting
  • debate

There are different functions assigned to speakers, and features that create an effect of full immersion. It simulates turning your head in the direction of the speaker, and cancels out the noise from other conversations around you.

Now we are working on the interface. We added a top panel for searching inside the app, and created a menu for changing the user’s status.

Mobilization in Russia

If you follow the news, you probably heard that there is a partial mobilization in Russia right now. This isn’t really related to news about our company, but a lot of questions are coming in about this. So I decided to say something about it.

We are not going anywhere or relocating. We are still based in Akademgorodok, and continue to build our products in our offices at the Technopark here.

According to the new laws, employees of IT companies are exempt from the mobilization. We have already submitted a list of our employees to the Ministry of Defense.

Of course, the atmosphere in the country is tense. Everybody is talking about it. But the work is still there, and it needs to be done. That’s life. We are here, we publish our own internal newsletter, invite remote workers to visit us and work in the office, and organize corporate events for our employees. Right now we have a lot of calls with new partners we connected with at the Blockchain Life conference in Moscow earlier this month.

Weather in Novosibirsk

Here are some photos of snow in Akademgorodok. This is what late September looks like for us this year. That’s Siberia!


And now we are move to the most interesting questions:

Does Cellframe support forkless upgrades?

Yes, it does. And the first forkless upgrade happens right now. We call this mechanism «Decrease». It’s data that we put on the blockchain and it changes the logic of the ledger or the blockchain itself. So we don’t need forks for this.

How is the Cellframe impacted by the current world-wide crisis? Do you have ways to protect/relocate your business in the event of an Emergency?

We have ways to exclude such requirements for relocation or protection of our business from a crisis. Cellframe projects should not be impacted by our business. Our business and our projects should be split. Our project must be a community-driven project. This will be the best protection from any crises. You, our community, are our best protection.

About the CF20 protocol, exchanges like and future listing support for the CF20 protocol. We would love to see the CF20 protocol for its speed and low fees.

Yes, of course. But we need, first, to complete a fully functional mainnet. After that, we can run a bidirectional bridge (just change the current bridge into a bidirectional one). Then we will communicate with exchanges about this (frankly, we have already started some negotiation). Now they’re waiting for the mainnet, of course. After that we will run СF20, for sure.

How much $CELL will be locked for two slots in a parachain, including KelVPN and ConfCall?

The minimum is 150,000 $CELL for one slot. So it will be three hundred thousand. But it’s a minimal level: if you lock more, it will be more.

When are smart contracts already?Smart contract now shifted a little after current staking issues. I think we will run smart contracts after a fully functional mainnet. So first we need to overcome this. By the way, it depends on what happens next. Right now we have switched all our developers to mainnet. Staking is mostly done, so they’re focusing on mainnet launch. And in the near future we will hire a few more developers and, as I talked about before, focus on community-driven development. Right now I’m in negotiations with different communities, and maybe some of them will be interested in smart contract development. If so, our smart contracts will be released earlier.

In which tokens will the reward be?

All rewards will be only in native tokens.

Native tokens cannot be traded?

They can be traded inside our native network. However, they cannot be bridged in the next few months outside the native protocols until we finish a fully functional mainnet. After this, the bridge will become bidirectional, and you will be able to withdraw your reward (or sell it).

Are there any promises delivered today?

The Bridge is delivered, single staking is almost there — depends on the team. When I promise something, it’s just a summary of promises from the whole team.

Dmitry, are you planning trips to other countries for conferences?

Yes, I am planning to visit Kazahstan in November. Maybe somewhere else this winter. It depends on the situation in the world.

Do you talk to other projects like CELL? How will you market yourself to get public attention?

Other projects like CELL: they compete with us, so yes, we can talk with them, but they usually don’t suggest anything useful.

Any plans for a dedicated wallet for Android?

Yes. Cellframe Dashboard is designed to be ported on Android. We just need to transfer over its UX and that’s all, I believe.

Thank you for your attention! Thank you for all your questions! I appreciate your support and all your warm words. Thank you very much. Goodbye, see you next time! We are CELL — We are here!