Cellframe is Taking Blockchain to the Mainstream

Cellframe is Taking Blockchain to the Mainstream

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Cellframe Ecosystem

The Cellframe is a highly scalable platform for building and bridging Dapps from different blockchains. Cellframe ecosystem consists of parachains; the main parachain is Core Network or Backbone. The Backbone is arranged like a typical parachain and consists of a zero chain.

With the development of quantum computers, the current encryption algorithms are becoming weak. Thus, the Cellframe has focused on quantum secure data encryption. Cellframe uses Crystal Dilithium and Picnic signatures to provide post-quantum technology.

Summarizing the above, Cellframe is not a blockchain protocol but an infrastructure layer for building a blockchain ecosystem. All existing blockchains can use Cellframe to get extreme scalability, transaction speed and security levels.

Cellframe — A New Revolution in Blockchains

Currently, the space of blockchain technology and decentralization is constantly evolving. As Ethereum tops the leaderboard in the existing layer 1 chains and continues to do fine and the other chains are creating a solid competition in attracting the developers to their ecosystem. Again these chains come up with new algorithms, mechanisms and languages. Thus, Cellframe is not only building a reliable and stable network solution for the new Dapps but also for the existing blockchain dapps on other ecosystems. The key features of Cellframe are post-quantum encryption and multi-level sharding. In addition, a multi-Algorithm Signature helps better protect data from quantum hacking techniques and compromises.

The Cellframe blockchain is split into shards. Sharding helps distribute the load on servers by implementing parallel processing. It is created for high loads and interactivity. Therefore, we built a flexible and efficient system that could solve different problems.

In current network solutions (like Ethereum, Tezos, NEO, etc.), smart contracts can’t interact with operating system resources. In developing Cellframe, we aimed to create a framework which would allow building business logic around the usage of computer resources, such as computing power, Internet channel, and disk space.


Wouldn’t it be interesting to have a common platform for software developers and manufacturers? This is precisely what cellframe does. Cellframe encourages the creation of networking products that can communicate with each other over the network, resulting in reduced complexity and accelerated evolution. Cellframe provides enterprise-level scalability with the quickest throughput. Furthermore, Cellframe aims to create an infrastructure for decentralized low-level access services through its multichain nature.


We all know about the existing Proof of Stake (PoS) system. It is an advanced and efficient way of verifying and validating the transaction or block. CellFrame uses a PoS consensus mechanism to verify the transactions made on the network. As a result, the scalability can be effortlessly done with comparatively less power consumption to make the transactions faster and safe.

Compared to Proof of Work which requires heavy infrastructure and is usually slow due to the longer processing time, Proof of Stake consumes relatively lower electricity and is super fast as they remove the need for complex computations. In PoS, the higher the stake, the more chances for the Validator to be picked up for validating the transaction thus earning the transaction fee.

Let’s witness the future of Cellframe!