Worklog Update. 01.03–21.03

Worklog Update. 01.03–21.03

Category: Development Report

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Welcome to the Demlabs Worklog Update, where you can find development news for all projects in the Cellframe ecosystem. Here’s the digest for the first three weeks of March:

Cellframe Dashboard

We’re working to improve the Diagnostics tab in the Cellframe Dashboard app, which will show the following metrics:

  • Node Version
  • Node Status
  • Memory Usage
  • CPU usage + others

This data will help the development team better monitor the network’s stability. Versions for Windows and Linux are already built, and we’re working on MacOS.

Сellframe Wallet

Cellframe Wallet is our simplified new app for working with assets on Cellframe networks. It’s designed for users who don’t require the full set of Dashboard features.

We recently launched the first release version (1.1.5) on Windows, Linux, and MacOS.

Some of the most important suggestions from our Beta Testing group have already been incorporated, while the rest were added to the app development roadmap. We improved the interface and fixed several bugs, including foggy images and a scrollbar display issue in the navigation panel.

KelVPN News

The KelVPN team has released a new build of the app (7.4–6). The VPN service is now more stable. An updated version of Cellframe SDK helped to fix errors and and improve server connectivity. The dev team also smoothed out collection and display of traffic statistics.

In addition, the new version has a “Share logs” feature that allows users to send logs via messenger or save them to a local disk using the file manager.

KEL Staking

We added several new LP positions for KEL on PancakeSwap: KEL/BUSD, KEL/BNB, KEL/CELL, KEL/DAI, KEL/USDT. The LP-token staking program for these pairs is also live on the KelVPN staking site.

The total rewards for the first year of staking KEL LP tokens on BSC will be 3M KEL. In the first year, the rewards will be drawn from the team’s reserves, after which they will be taken from VPN service fees. New KEL emissions are not planned.

Now KEL tokens can also be used to pay for KelVPN subscriptions via the website.

Cellframe Mainnet Roadmap: Launching the Release Candidate

We’re in the final stretch of the Cellframe Mainnet Roadmap! The Release Candidate has been launched. This is a rough draft of the code for the Mainnet. We are using it to test all network mechanisms in an environment that simulates real conditions.

Very soon we will transition to open Beta testing! Get your hardware ready!

The KelVPN mainnet will be launched at the same time as the Cellframe mainnet. To prepare for this, we’ve set up two new testnets: Raiden for Cellframe and Riemann for KelVPN. By setting up a master node in Raiden, you can test-run your system in the role of network validator. A Reimann master node will allow you to test both the validator and VPN-service-provider roles.

Testing the Release Candidate will take place in the following stages:

1. Internal Alpha testing of the implemented functions of the Release Candidate: searching for bugs and fixes.

2. Closed Beta testing: searching for rarer bugs and their fixes.

3. Open community testing: testing the Release Candidate in simulated real-world conditions, looking for rarer bugs.

That’s it for this Worklog, follow development news here and on our socials!