Worklog Update: February

Worklog Update: February

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Welcome to our February worklog! Follow these posts for regular updates on all development progress and company news.

Cellframe Dashboard

We released a new version of Cellframe Dashboard — 2.10–25. In the new version, transactions are processed significantly faster. We transferred the logic from JavaScript to C++ code and set up filtering for duplicate records.

We also fixed a bug with incorrect display of transactions sent on the same day and redesigned the Tokens tab, making it even more user-friendly.

Cellframe Wallet

On Cellframe Wallet, we worked extensively on improving the UX. We added interface scaling, so the app now adapts to any screen size. Plus, with a detailed transaction tracking mechanism, you will always know the status of your transactions at any given moment.

Cellframe SDK and Mainnet

Our work on Cellframe SDK involved creating a JSON-RPC protocol handler with a method for obtaining transactions for the native Cellframe Dashboard/Wallet. This handler will reduce the load on applications working with the node and simplify data processing.

As part of our preparations for the mainnet launch, we refactored the block consensus. The aim of modifying the consensus was to transition from proof-of-authority to proof-of-stake, allowing any participant who properly delegated their key to sign blocks. The refactoring was necessary as deep changes were made to the entire consensus. Performance, code readability, and consensus security were improved in this process.

In addition, we have implemented the processing of network-wide decrees. Such decrees are certified by owners and allow you to regulate the rules of the blockchain. These would be rule changes such as regulating the size of network commission fees or the address of the wallet to which fees will accrue.

The Latest Cellframe Mainnet Roadmap Update

TPS Testing

TPS (transactions-per-second) testing allows us to measure the efficiency of our cryptography and blockchain consensus. This is another crucial step in preparing for the mainnet. In February, we fine-tuned the testing platform, and then conducted the first TPS tests for post-quantum signatures Falcon, CRYSTALS-Dilithium, Bliss, Sphincs, Saber, and NewHope.

KelVPN News

The KelVPN team has launched the migration of KEL tokens to new smart contracts on the BSC and Ethereum networks. This migration is necessary if you plan to participate in the LP-staking program in the BSC network.

They also set up a separate KEL staking website and launched a single staking program, which is now available to users.

That’s it for February. Exciting things are already happening in March!