Worklog update. January

Worklog update. January

Category: Development Report

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Welcome back to another installment of our worklog, where we talk about our development progress and share company news. Today we present to you the first digest of 2023.

Updates on Cellframe staking site

V2 staking for new pairs on UniSwap

We have added several new CELL LP pairs to UniSwap. CELL/DAI CELL/USDC and CELL/USDT are already available to create pairs and provide liquidity. And on the Cellframe staking site we launched V2 LP staking for new pairs.

The awards for these items will total 300,000 CELL for one year of the staking program. Learn more about the program in the article “Tokenomics 2.0”

V3 Staking

We have prepared for the launch of the V3 staking program. We launched the V2 staking program on the Cellframe site a few months ago, and now we have added the ability to stake LP tokens CELL/ETH, CELL/USDT, USDC and then switch to the V3 protocol.

In addition, we added the ability to migrate V2 tokens to the V3 protocol and without the LP-staking, for users who do not plan to stake their LP tokens.

Post-quantum protection

We are constantly working on strengthening Cellframe’s quantum security, so we are now adding a new post-quantum signature named Falcon. In addition, we have integrated a library of QApp’s certified PQLR post-quantum algorithms into Cellframe SDK.

Cellframe Wallet on Android

We ported our Cellframe Wallet to the Android platform — the first working build is ready. In parallel, we are testing the desktop version of the application.

Cellframe wallet is a wallet application for operations with CELL. It’s designed for those who find the Cellframe Dashboard functionality redundant. We started building the MVP of this application in the last quarter of 2022, when we saw that users had were requesting a simplified version of Cellframe Dashboard.

Members of our beta tester group have already participated in testing the application. With their help, we were able to detect and eliminate several large bugs. In addition, we have taken note of some suggestions for improvement and have already added them to our roadmap.

TPS testing

We have prepared for carrying out load testing TPS (transactions per second) in the Cellframe network. The goal is to test the bandwidth of the network. This is an important step in preparing for the launch of the Cellframe mainnet.

KelVPN News

The KelVPN team has prepared a new build of the app with an auto-update feature. Now all important information about the application will be displayed at the top of the screen. In addition, you can now upgrade the version of the application without leaving it — just click on the special pop-up notification.