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Worklog Update. May

Category: Development Report

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Hello everyone! We are delighted to present you with the latest issue of our traditional worklog in which we will discuss the development of our projects, and share news from the day-to-day life of Demlabs.

Launch of LP-staking on the PancakeSwap V3 protocol

At the end of April, we launched a staking program based on the UniSwap V3 protocol. This protocol works with ERC-721 tokens instead of ERC-20 and provides additional liquidity options as compared to V1 and V2. For example, users can now choose the range in which LP tokens will be used on the DEX, and also add liquidity to existing LP tokens to improve positions in the pool and increase the reward amount.

The PancakeSwap V3 protocol is essentially identical in terms of mechanics to the UniSwap V3 protocol and works with BEP-721 tokens instead of BEP-20. We launched CELL staking on the PancakeSwap V3 protocol in mid-May. On the Cellframe staking site https://stake.cellframe.net/ it is available for the following pairs: ‌CELL/BNB, CELL/BUSD, CELL/DAI, CELL/USDT.

Cellframe Dashboard news

We have released a new build of our Cellframe Dashbord application. This includes: - ‌Diagnostic tab: displays various node stats in real time. This data will help the development team to keep the network stable. For masternodes, the disclosure of such statistics will be mandatory, but completely anonymous. We guarantee confidentiality. - UI improvements - the app color scheme has been updated.

Download the new build of the application here: https://cellframe.net/download/

We also carried out some UX research with beta testers. It was crucial for us to understand which functionality is most important for users. Though results of the research are still being processed, we are already including some suggestions from our users in the layouts of forthcoming application builds.

Backbone Synchronization

As you are probably aware, the Backbone network has been working intermittently recently. Interruptions appeared due to a violation of the mechanism of adding new blocks in the blockchain. The cause of the problems was a specific bug, which took us a while to pinpoint and rectify. In addition to the bug mentioned above, we found several other bugs that violated the stability of our network.

It is worth pointing out that a number of architectural problems remain in the master, but they will disappear completely when the release candidate becomes the master branch. Currently the release candidate is still in the testing phase, but it already demonstrates superior levels of stability in comparison with the master.

KelVPN News

KelVPN is a decentralized VPN service that is part of the Cellframe ecosystem. The project team has released a new build, adding the ability to selectively exclude an application from VPN routing. This has great relevance to usage within the Russian Federation, especially when working with the applications of various governmental agencies or banks which as a rule function poorly with VPNs, and sometimes do not work at all. The team also optimized the server sorting logic (relevant in anticipation of the transition to a decentralized mode) and updated the design of the application.

Download the new build of KelVPN:

Windows: https://pub.kelvpn.com/windows/master/latest

Linux: https://pub.kelvpn.com/linux/master/latest

MacOS: https://pub.kelvpn.com/mac/master/latest

Android: https://pub.kelvpn.com/android/master/latest

In addition, the project team continues to expand the KEL staking program. Staking on the UniSwap V3 and PancakeSwapV3 protocols is now available on the KelVPN staking site https://stake.kelvpn.com/.

The team also launched user testing of the application. Tasks: Determine connection speed data. Evaluate the quality of the application in various countries. Receive feedback from users

More detailed information about testing in the project communities can be found on the following social media pages:



New project in the Cellframe ecosystem

We are working on the launch of a new project in the Cellframe ecosystem - a decentralized IoT platform Node.Sys. The goal of the project is to unite customers and professionals in the field of high-tech DIY, who own professional equipment and are ready to take on production orders. ‌The Node.sys blockchain will be built on hardware nodes. These are microcomputers with the original element base, which will perform the function of network validators.

You can learn more about hardware nodes and the capabilities of the new platform in the project's Telegram channel:


Demlabs company news

We became co-organizers of the Non-Stop University CRYPTO International Cryptography Competition, held by the Cryptographic Center of Novosibirsk State University.


This is an international cryptography competition in which participants solve not only educational problems, but also work on actual problems in the realm of cryptography. A collection of scientific articles is traditionally published based on the results of the tournament. The 2023 Cryptography Competition will be the tenth in a row. It will be held online from the 15th to the 23rd of October. We will prepare several cryptographic tasks that are relevant for both Cellframe and the development of blockchain technologies in general.