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AMA, December 30: the achievements of the year 2021

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Dmitriy Gerasimov, CEO of Cellframe, summarized the project’s achievements of the passing year in the regular Thursday stream on December 30. And Happy New Year, Cellmates!

Start-up partnership

The beginning of the year was more complicated than usual, but the company handled this period as the calm before the storm. A new investor was found in mid-February, and the situation changed completely. New partners assisted in buying the company back from the previous ones. And it was a landmark event that led the project to the most significant achievement of the year — the token launch.

Uniswap listing

This listing happened on the 21 st of March. It was based on Ethereum. The widespread PR company has been carried out before the launching. CEO hosted AMAs every day before the presale. The first was on March 8. At this moment, the Cellframe project became known around the world.

The total lottery tickets eligible for the CELL FlashLaunch lottery reached over 5500 — with only 200 allocation spots for $500. The 10 Golden Tickets from TrustSwap sold for an average of $4,630 each, highlighting the highest sale hitting 11x the $500 allocation.

The First Cellframe Cellchain: KelVPN

In April, the Cellframe ecosystem started to be envisioned. The first step in realizing it was introducing the first Cellframe Cellchain — KelVPN. Looking at the competitive market of online security and privacy, KelVPN can stand out by leveraging Cellframe’s modern post-quantum encryption. This guarantees the highest-level security for KelVPN users, even when quantum computing inevitably advances to a stage of risk for most encryptions.

Various VPNs have been revealed to be selling user data to corporations. KelVPN tackles the pressing issue of privacy through decentralization by operating on top of Cellframe’s decentralized network, where all traffic is distributed between different nodes. This removes the presence of a central point of control, which ensures that KelVPN cannot collect logs, spy, or sell your data.

By the way, during the summer, the developers were bug fixing. In early September, the team began to receive the funds vesting. It provided a major boost for further development. All the preceding trials were held to revive the project and the formation of new teams.

Launch on Pancake Swap

There are excessive fees on the Ethereum network. To remove the barriers for easier access to the Cellframe ecosystem, it was considered launched on the Binance Smart Chain via Pancake Swap. It opened the doors for many more users and helped pave the way for other CEX listings.

Launch of SubZero (testnet 2.0)

SubZero is an intermediate link between the first Core-T testnet and the mainnet, which is in the final stage of development. Testnet 2.0 has a subchain and consensus structure as close to the mainnet as possible. Developers have issued the first genesis blocks of subchains of the SubZero network. It’s published in Github.

Listing on Gate.io

Cellframe was listed on Gate.io on December 12. It was an important listing on one of the top CEX for us. Now the Gate.io is on the second place after Uniswap for volume for CELL, and the volume share is about 18%.

Dashboard Release

It is an super-app combines the functions of a wallet, dex-exchange, and dApps repository. It could also be used for managing certificates and tokens, creation, and using orders for VPN services. With third-party plugins, own functionality could be added as well. The Dashboard helps track recent transactions, exchange coins, and manage VPN in one service.


By the way, we are moving forward owing to our partners. They are

Kel VPN, MobiFi, RazeNetwork, Router, Jigstack, ZKChaos, UNION, METER, Aztec, Razor, Plutos, Glitch, OutofSpace, and Finstreet. The company is grateful for productive collaboration. Best wishes and Happy New Year!

Some questions:

With a limited supply of 30 million coins, how do you propose to reward the stakes/network securers when mainnet is launched?

The reward is based on service-provided. If you want to provide some service, you need to stake Cell coins. And if you have no stake, you have to request for delegated stake and share your profit with a stake-owner.

How to become a Cellframe Ambassador?

Firstly, it is customary to have participated in the selection process a few weeks ago. However, with the current demand, we will be analyzing the possibilities for new ambassadors according to the native language that the selection process has not yet supported.

Will there be any side projects by the devs after the launch of the mainnet?

They will be before the mainnet launch. Our development team is working on growing our ecosystem, producing new dApps, new plugins, and new extensions.

Are there any similar successful companies you have a role model in this quantum space?

I guess, it is Space X:)

Could you explain what Cellframe as a 2nd layer solution looks like?

It looks like any 2nd layer solution but with one exception. You can use worldwide known Python and write extensions using it. Also, you can run your private network with the recording. What you need is to write the text complex files only.

When can we expect the “Exchange” tab in the Dashboard to be ready to test swaps? I’m curious to see how fast swaps will be compared to ETH.

Everything is ready for the exchange. If you open the Cellframe node console, you will find some commands related to trading. We just need to finish the exchange tap. It is planned for the end of January. We release a lot of test versions including this one.