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AMA with Dmitry Gerasimov, March 28, 2024

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Hello everyone! I’m Dmitry Gerasimov, CEO of Demlabs company that's running the Cellframe project. Today we have our regular AMA session. I’ll answer your questions that you have sent in advance, and then I’ll answer the questions that you are sending right now in our Youtube chat.

Recently, the White House recommended that developers refrain from using C and C++ languages due to vulnerabilities in memory management. What do you think about this?

I want to say that the problem is not in languages, the problem is in the parts of code that operate with non-management memory.Such places can be separate from memory management whenever you have selected another language like Rust, for example. Rust also has unsafe sections, sometimes it’s mandatory to use unprotected memory and there will be the same vulnerabilities. I will provide an example: we have Bitcoin written in C and C++ that still has not been hacked. At the same time we have Solana written on Rust that was hacked and we have Ethereum written in Golang that was also hacked. The language does not provide absolute prevention against hacking.

Also, I believe that in the near future the progress of AI-tools will mean that development will not be so closely related to languages in general. Languages will be on the level below.

Earlier, you mentioned that you were considering the idea of launching a service for renting a graphics processor. If this plan is still relevant, in what format will this service be implemented - will it be in the form of t-dApps?

Yes, this plan is still relevant, we are still working on this ability. It will be a combination of t-dApps and different blocks in Cellframe Node itself and it will be a foundation of different applications. So it will not be t-dApps, it will be an engine for t-dApps and maybe some examples basic on this engine.

A question about the so-called "quantum apocalypse." In your opinion, which online services will it affect first?

Primarily It will affect the services that depend on digital signatures and these signed documents cannot be replaced in one moment in one place. I’m referring to such well-known online services like Bitcoin and Ethereum, but not only about cryptocurrencies. There are also digital government services that also could operate with encrypted signatures but here the threat is smaller because governments can always just set a pause and tell everyone that they need to replace their hardware token for things.

Unfortunately in the world of crypto we have a different situation. I’ve heard Vitalik say that we just need to make a hard fork and that will be sufficient to prevent the Apocalypse. But it will not prevent it. Why? Because the proof of your ownership on your tokens is only your private key and if we have a quantum computer that can break the signature it could produce the same proof, the same private key that you have. In this case I see that we are moving to the next situation, when all the cryptos are hacked and to prove that you own your money you will need to pass KYC and AML. This is the only way that will work together with the hard fork that Vitalik is talking about. So now it's not about our money, but about our privacy. And that’s maybe an even more serious problem.

However, for us this makes some things easier because we can now safely lock any assets on our bridge. And when the Quantum Apocalypse will happen, as I understand, all classic crypto systems will be frozen for a while, so all operations in Ethereum will be frozen too. In this situation all assets that were passed through the bridge in our network will continue to work. It will be the key advantage against all other cryptos. We can save their non quantum safe tokens, because they will become quantum safe in our network and will still be operable. And you will not be able to pass KYC or AML. Only Demlabs will need to pass it. We will need to prove that this smart contract belongs to us, and then simply reissue all the addresses and prove that these are our addresses. It is all about our bridge. And your privacy will still be unviolated.

This answer was partly not related to your question, but it was something that I have wanted to talk about for a long time.

What assets will be available on the Cellframe DEX at launch? In general, will the team be buying assets to wrap and place on the DEX, or will it happen differently?

In the beginning we will track the situation on our exchange, and take care of liquidity. However it’s a limit order-based exchange, so it will depend more on the trader's or trader bot's activity. Anyway we have some plans about liquidity attractions in relation to this, maybe there will be some abilities to earn for liquidity providers. But for now I can’t say anything more concrete about this.

The team has been working on the bidirectional bridge mode for several months now. What difficulties and surprises have arisen, or are now arising, in the process of this work?

It’s a really interesting question because the two-way bridge mode related a lot of activities for the last several months. Maybe you have seen the big spread between ERC-20 and BEP-20 CELL tokens. Why does it happen? Because we have some connections with other token movements, as I understand, a lot of trade bots working in ERC-20 Networks are just caching our token together with others and pump them. It happens only in one network and because we have no bridge between ERC-20 and BEP-20 networks we have such a big spread. It appears and after some time it goes away. This restricts us and doesn’t allow us to move forward and doesn’t allow the price to increase. That’s why we have switched all our efforts to the two-way bridge between ERC-20 and BEP-20 networks. I was going to say at this AMA session that we have already run them. Unfortunately we need a little more time, but I believe it will happen very soon.

This is also an important part of the work on the CF-20's two-way bridge mode. And I think the biggest surprise was that with this additional mode between Ethereum and the BSC networks, we needed to be much faster, and we almost did it.

With the launch of the bidirectional bridge mode, the load on the Cellframe bridge will increase. How effectively is the bridge adapted to cope with future loads?

It is based on our stake engine and on our current version of bridge. It has already been tested on different loads. So, in general it has been prepared to cope with a big load. It’s based on a decentralized model, and if we see it’s overloaded we’ll just increase the number of bridge nodes, it’s easily scalable.

How do you choose projects for the Cellframe ecosystem? What kind of project might interest you?

There are two criterias: firstly, it should be unique for the ecosystem and provide a unique service. Secondly, it should be unique for CPU resources utilization. For example, we have no t-dApps that will utilize your hard drive, by the way we are working on the utilization of your GPU resources. For example, VPN services utilize your network broadband, and such projects that will utilize some other resources will be interesting for us.

Recently, the launch of the Dotflat project - a flatcoin in the Cellframe ecosystem - was announced. Tell us how it is structured: the team, founders, capitalization, how liquidity is provided.

We announced it a little earlier than we were originally planning to. More details about the team, founders and the liquidity providing ways will be published a little bit later.

Is there any interest from investment banks and other large organizations regarding the tokenization of projects within the Cellframe ecosystem?

Sometimes we have negotiations about such things. There are requests, if they are satisfactory, then we will report about it.

Is the project team working on establishing GR communications - relations with government agencies in their country?

Yes of course we are always ready for some additional points of contact.

In April, the Cellframe team is going to Blockchain Life 2024. Please share your plans and expectations for this forum.

We are going to this forum together with the Node.sys team and we are planning to present a lot of hardware solutions specific to the Cellframe ecosystem. Also the Node.sys team will present their project as well. We will present the abilities of our ecosystem, how it could be used for different startups.We are planning to find new contacts, we are focusing on really good networking. Our expectations are high.

Please tell us about your plans for future partnerships with other projects.

When I am able to announce something, I normally do it right away. Right now we have a common project Dotflat, then we have some developments like AI-chain. If we have something new, we will tell you about it.

What motivates you and the team to continue working on the Cellframe project? How do you see its further development?

The primary motivation is the Quantum Apocalypse because personally my team and I do not have enough tools for our safety, just for our personal needs. The second motivation is just interest in development. And the third motivation is that we always finish what we have begun. I think that this year is the last year when we have such active development, next year may be only a little part. But we are moving to some stable product that doesn’t need a lot of reworks and development.

The most significant is to launch the two-way bridge mode and after that we need to make smart-contracts of course and then develop the ecosystem to enlarge their abilities. But mostly we have a working core and the nearest year or two will be finished enough to move to the community. It will be more developed by the community and by projects in our ecosystem, because they will need some of their own needs and propose some updates for the Cellframe node. However I see we are moving to the end of the rapid development and moving clothes to more stable situations, when we’ll just need to support and answer some new needs. Anyway, I see we are moving in the right direction and more effort will need to be put into marketing and promotion.

When will the amount of CELL required to run a master node be 2000 CELL? Also when will we be able to create meme coins on CF-20?

I believe we will soon have a lesser amount of CELL to run a master node than we have right now. About meme coins on CF-20 you can create it right now. There are no barriers to creating any coins. You need just to compose the project because we have some checks to list new coins on our Backbone. Anyway you can brick up your own parachain without any requests and do whatever you want. You need just get approval from our team if you want to list your coin on the Backbone.

Will you or the Cellframe team have a presentation or any count of session talk on the Blockchain Life 2024?

No, we have no dedicated presentation but we will have a dedicated stand in a hall and we will stand behind this and present our products to anyone who is interesteed. We think it’s more effective than presentations.

Can you please tell us about Demlabs and Cellframe funded?

Right now most of our funds go from the fees that we are collecting. By the way, before we were living for some money left from the premine. But now we are moving for investment from fees. I mean, fees from BEP-20 trades, then fees from the bridge.

For BTC to be safe, it must be wrapped in CF-20?

Yes. And we also have plans to bring up the native BTC bridge. There are special abilities in Bitcoin that look a little similar to our conditional transactions and so we have a plan to bring a bridge with them.

How long will smart contracts take?

I cannot say for sure. In general it’s not too difficult, but how much time it will take for tests, I do not currently know.

Will Cellframe be integrated into Ledger, Tresor or TrustWallet one day?

I’m working on this. Also, we are working on our own Hardware Wallet. It’s really important. Some prototypes may be presented at the Blockchain Life 2024 event.

What do you think about the QANX project?

I do not have any negative words to say about QANX.I appreciate any quantum-safe project. Quants could also be good enough. For example, I would be pleased if QANX had a bridge with us, because bridging with quantum-ready coins is much easier and safer. Incidentally, we don’t need any emergency protocols or anything of that kind. Just wanted to mention that we already have mainnet, whereas they do not.

Okay, it was all your questions. Thank you for them, for your time and for your support! We are CELL! We are here!