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AMA with Dmitry Gerasimov, April 25, 2024

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Hello everyone! I`m Dmitry Gerasimov, CEO of Demlabs and the lead of the Cellframe project. Today we will conduct our regular AMA session. I will answer the questions that you've sent us earlier, in addition to those that you're sending right now in the chat.

Question about the BEP-20 token airdrop for those who missed the migration. How will it be organized, and which wallets (hot or cold) can receive it? What will happen to the old tokens?

Any BEP-20 wallets ( hot, cold, software, or hardware, the type of wallet doesn`t matter) will receive these airdrops. You don’t need to do anything. You will have all your tokens without any changes. You can keep them just for memory or something like this.

The migration of CELL BEP-20 tokens has concluded. Is there also a plan to complete the migration of KEL tokens to new contracts?

KEL tokens migration to new contracts is already happening. If you are referring to airdrops in replacement for this migration, yes, we also have such plans.

Question about Cellframe DEX. Please add the cost in US dollars for all tokens, similar to centralized exchanges. This will simplify the process of creating orders.

Yes, we will do this.

Will the team motivate holders to transfer not only CELL but also other tokens (USDT, USDC, DAI) to CF-20 for trading on DEX?

Yes, we intend to do this. We have a plan to run AMM algorithms with a liquidity attraction program. Stay tuned, we will announce it in May.

At what stage of development is the release of the Cellframe web wallet planned? Will it integrate Cellframe DEX?

If we are talking about a web wallet, it's only in the pre-production stage. However, we are planning to make a web browser plugin like Metamask or something similar. We have had some issues with our encryption as usual but we have a few work arounds for it. So, right now we made a new team of web developers and we are waiting for some results by the end of the next month. So, this summer, I think, we will see something like this. What about DEX, we are planning to run it as a standalone website as well.

Will Cellframe Wallet and KelVPN apps be available on Google Play and the App Store?

Yes, they will be available and right now we are waiting for the completion of the Android integration works. Right now Cellframe works on Android, but it requires some actions from terminal, debug mode, something like this. Anyway, we need to complete some work for Google Play. For the App Store, we have already registered KelVPN there. However we still have not completed work with VPN itself. So, we are still waiting for our iOS team when they will complete it and after this KelVPN will appear in the App Store immediately.

Question about the Cellframe Wiki: I would like to see more information for developers, such as examples of t-dApps, Python plugins, and instructions on using the SDK. Do you plan to expand it?

If you have been keeping track of our news, you'll know that just a few weeks ago we updated our Cellframe Wiki. It was a total reworking. It already has some instructions on using our SDK and some examples of t-dApps, but, I know, it’s still not enough. We are currently moving in this direction and preparing the new updates. Stay tuned, we’ll release the new updates soon.

What programming language will be available for developing applications on the Cellframe platform? Do you plan to implement support for multiple languages?

Development is now available in Python and C, and because we have C as a foundation we can add any support for other languages. We are planning to add JavaScript, also for common smart contracts it will be Rust as well. Other languages are also under consideration. We want to make support as wide as possible and add support for all multiple languages that we can. If you have some specific requirements or suggestions, feel free to ask us in the comments or in our developpement group.

Will the project team provide support to developers who want to migrate their applications to the Cellframe ecosystem? How will this be organized?

Yes, we provide such support, both informational and technical. Also we can help with tokenization of your project. You just need to contact us and we will discuss it personally.

At this stage, is it already possible to develop applications using t-dApps and GDB technologies?

Yes, it’s possible. DEX and KelVPN are already designed as t-dApps using GDB.

The FAQ page of the updated Cellframe site mentions many "old" partnerships. What is the current status of these collaborations?

They contact us from time to time, but mostly all of them are waiting for smart contacts on our platform. And in general most of them are still with us for sure.

Currently, the main task of the project team is the launch of the two-way mode of the Cellframe bridge. What will be the next major goal?

The next major goal will be smart contacts, but prior to these we should release the two-level sharding to demonstrate our high TPS abilities. To this end, we have mostly completed our work but with regards to smart contracts we still need to do some work.

Any news about the two-way bridge?

We are focused on it, we kindly ask for your patience. For the bridge we need to release a new version of the Cellframe Node. Right now the release candidate is totally complete except for one feature, backward compatibility. This is only what we have to add to the common new version. After that we go to an audit.

When is flatcoin launching?

I cannot say for sure, but soon all will be revealed.

Estimated date for smart contracts?

I don’t like to make any estimates, but they will be ready this year, I think.

Did you speak with Pavel Durov at Token 2049?

I have seen him, but did not have a chance to speak with him. He is too popular.

Do you still expect the Two-way bridge will be released in Q2?

As I said before, we have only backward compatibility and then an audit. So, yes there are no barriers to having it. Keep in mind, it’s only about probability, only about some expectation. It's always possible that everything could go wrong, but I don’t foresee any barriers to shift on the Q3. Really we should be over in Q2.

Any future listing?

Sorry, I cannot comment on it. Just one thing, we always prepare for the next listing. We don’t have a situation where we sit and say: “No listing in the future! We don’t care about it!” No, everytime we discuss it, we are always in contact with centralized exchanges. So, just stay tuned.

Any new partnerships?

We collected a lot of partnerships and possible leads to partnerships at the Blockchain Life 2024. I believe, in the near time you will hear about them.

Okay, these were all the questions that we have for today. I really appreciate your support and am always happy to see your activity in socials. Stay tuned and see you next time. Good bye! We are CELL! We are here!