AMA with Dmitry Gerasimov, June 27, 2024

AMA with Dmitry Gerasimov, June 27, 2024

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Hello everyone! I’m Dmitry Gerasimov, CEO of Cellframe, and we are here to run our regular AMA session.

How is the total supply of the CELL token regulated?

Partially it’s regulated automatically if you are talking about rewards or staking. Partially it’s operated by the Cellframe team, as described in our Tokenomics 2.0. However, this is a temporary situation and we are moving to community-driven supply regulation. This requires a voting mechanism, which is already present in the current Cellframe Node. However, we are waiting for the UI to use it effectively. So, it should be finished in September - October, and then we will transfer the regulation to the community.

Do you have plans to integrate tokens from other projects into the CF-20 network? For example, TON and DOT?

Yes, there are some plans, but mostly they are related to the volume of funds on the Cellframe DEX. How many tokens will be integrated on the CF-20 network depends on how big the volume will be on DEX and how many people will be waiting for these tokens.

Currently, the Cellframe bridge connects CF-20 with the Ethereum and BSC networks. Are there plans to launch the bridge to other networks? For example, Solana or TON?

Yes, we have such plans. If we're talking about L2-protocols, this is also related to Cellframe DEX volumes. If we’re talking about Solana and TON, it also depends on Cellframe DEX, because most of these networks have tradable tokens. This would be the only reason for us to bridge with them.

Do you plan to launch NFTs or meme tokens?

About meme tokens, if someone has an idea for a meme token that will have some interesting utility, I'd like to join this project as an advisor. But we have no plans to run our own meme tokens.

About NFTs, we still need to release a lot of features before we can launch NFTs. For example, we need to integrate NFT mechanics in our bridge, and an NFT UI in the Cellframe Wallet. Also I’m waiting for the rebound of the NFT market. The current level of this market is low and I’m waiting for it to be higher. You know, I have a photography hobby and these photos could be converted to NFT.

Recently, the Cellframe Dashboard has been quite unstable. How do you plan to address this issue?

As far as I know, the Cellframe Dashboard is stable on almost all platforms except macOS. MacOS was patched a few days ago, and if this doesn't help, please connect with support. Anyway, most of the instability has been related to Cellframe Node, not to the Cellframe Dashboard itself. The common release of Node 5.3 will be earlier than the audit process, and this should improve the performance of Cellframe Dashboard on platforms where it could be unstable.

Windows often identifies the Cellframe Dashboard as malicious and unreliable software. Why does this happen?

Because we still have no official verified certificate to sign our software for Windows. We have it for macOS, we have it for Android, and l I hope we will fix this for Windows in the near future. It will happen after the two-way bridge launch.

The Cellframe Dashboard requires a fairly powerful PC to work with multiple networks, and not everyone has such devices

Next version of the Cellframe Dashboard will operate with a new Cellframe Node, and this will dramatically reduce CPU memory load. However this process is in the early stages. The current version of the Node is focused on LTS (longtime support), and the next version will be more about performance. It will have more optimal memory usage, more effective usage of the CPU, and also perhaps some GPU primitives will be added.

So, the version of Cellframe Node that we are planning to release on the Q4 of this year will be much faster, and it will require a less powerful PC.

How is the development of the web wallet progressing?

The Web Wallet is in the design stage right now. All our efforts are focused on the two-way bridge and other things related to it. When we issue version 5.3, we can start to develop the web wallet. However, we'll need at least two months to prepare the web team. This team is also busy with other duties.

Currently, the Cellframe Node can only be installed on Debian and Ubuntu. Are there plans to support other Linux operating systems?

Yes, there are such plans. By the way, we have unofficial support forArc. Also, we are planning to release a Tar.gz version of the Linux builds, as well as a snap version. And we are also thinking about RPM distribution.

Will we be able to buy Node.sys hardware nodes with CF-20 tokens (CELL and KEL)?

Yes. Our online store is coming, it’s now in the testing stage. Stay tuned.

Tell us more about the partnership with Pix. How is it technically arranged? What operations with the CELL token can be performed using this system?

I think it is better to let Pix describe more details of this process, we are just doing some technical support. I can only say that the partnership with Pix and similar upcoming partnerships are a part of our adoption strategy.

The KelVPN project currently has 2 smart contracts in the BSC and Ethereum networks. Does the team plan to migrate liquidity to new contracts?

The team has migrated all their own liquidities to the new smart contracts. They are also planning to add more liquidity to these contracts. The liquidity that remains on the old smart contracts belongs to our former partners and it looks like it will be locked there.

The KelVPN team plans to add a multi-hop option. How exactly will this work? How will provider nodes be selected in this case, and how will they receive their income?

The multihop version of VPN is a version where you connect with multiple servers. The simplest option is when you have two servers. You connect to the first server, the traffic redirects to the second server and then it goes out of this network on the second out server. So, we have an in server and an out server, and there could be some intermediate servers between them. It will do this automatically. If it is working automatically, then for the input server it will just select the best connection, and for the out server it will use the same server as when you select in the ordinal way.

About income, here’s how it will look: people who purchase a KelVPN serial key on our site will require another serial key because the subscription for multihop will cost more, since the system needs to pay more tokens for nodes. It will make no difference to any given node whether it sells tokens for multihop chains or end-point traffic for the clients. So a multihop with two servers will cost you twice as much, especially if you operate directly from the Cellframe Dashboard. For the KelVPN nodes it will make no difference at all, they will earn equally for multi-hop and single hop.

For users it will work almost the same way as without multi-hop.

In regards to Pix, what is the extent of the partnership? Is the CELL coin just available to buy or is your tech being used / to what extent?

For now we are just integrated for payment. It is only the beginning. After that it depends on the Pix team. We are waiting for requests from them for now.

I'm a node runner. I noticed the increase of weight of the chain. Reboots are taking hours compared with 10 months ago, what are the plans to reduce this? How big will you see it in a few years?

For the current situation, the weight of the chain is so big because we have no second layer of sharding yet. When it will appear, it will reduce the weight a lot. , At that point, especially if you are not a masternode owner, you will need to download only your shard. This will happen in the next release. The current release unfortunately doesn’t solve the weight problem, but we will do an intermediate patch with a hardfork. A hardfork is a temporary solution, but it could reduce weight immediately. We will issue this patch in the near future. I think it will be enough. Just wait for the next version of the Cellframe Node, which will run the second layer of sharding.

Should we expect a new listing in Q3 or Q4?

A new listing is coming much closer. I will publish some news about it very soon. Anyway, I think in Q3 and Q4 there will be other listings as well.

How are the audits going?

I think this is my favorite question here because the audits go excellently. Yes, we found some issues, but not as much as we had expected. We are passing them extremely well from all the statistical and automatic analyses. I think it’s a really good sign because it means that these specialized tools can't find any serious vulnerabilities in our code. All of the serious vulnerabilities were found manually. Some of them are already patched, and other patches are coming.

Can we expect Bidirectional bridge in early July?

I think in the middle of July we’ll do our internal audit, then we’ll pass the audit to the external team (in my opinion it will not require more than 10 days), and a short time after that we will run the Bidirectional bridge. So, at the end of July, we are planning to launch the two-way bridge. If during the external audit some issues are found, the launch could be pushed to the beginning of August, but I don’t think so, because for now everything is going extremely well. So many lines of code and no mistakes! I’m really proud to be a part of our team!

Do you think Cellframe will be considered one of BRICS payment systems?

This question is more about politics, not about technologies. I think BRICS bosses will select one of their pocket teams for this. Unfortunately usually it happens in this way. Anyway, we are trying not to be focused on one of these geopolitical blocs. We want to be the project that exists on both sides of the Iron Curtain, you know. So, it should be present everywhere, not only in the BRICS countries.

When will the KelVPN app be launched in the play store and when will its marketing start? Actually KelVPN will help to adopt cellframe. It can be easily marketable

Yes, we were just talking about the same things with our new partners. They say the same things and promise to help with marketing, adoption and some promotion. All of our attention is focused on the two-way bridge. Without it we cannot attract node holders for VPN because we need to show people that they can earn something right now. This is not just about long-term holders. For the current situation, Cellframe node is a kind of long-term process that's OK without the Two-Way bridge. Most of our current holders can wait for this launch and they don't need any fast money.

But this is not the same for KelVPN. I see that this project is not for crypto investors. This project is for ordinary people who just want to utilize some of their internal broadbands. For them it will be extremely important to withdraw their reward and sell it. Here we don't care about the sell pressure with KEL because every KEL that will be earned by these holders will be purchased and it will have real liquidity behind it. That’s why we are waiting for the period after the two-way bridge. During this period we will focus on all that things related to the KelVPN application. Same situation with Google Play Store, App Store, marketing and adoption as well.

If it is possible, can you launch a new sync system before the 5.3 release?

New sync system is a part of the 5.3 release. By the way, before the audit we will have a 5.3 release. It will happen maybe next week. So it will be released before the audit. Same situation with KelVPN and the new KelVPN version. So this will happen before we will run a two-way bridge, but the hot pushing and marketing of KelVPN will be after that.

Will the CELL tokens required for running a node go lower?

Yes it could go lower when we have a higher price of CELL.

Why isn’t the KEL bridge from Ethereum to BSC unable to release the tokens even after a week and multiple support mail?

Hold on, we have some issues with this bridge. I know about this problem, it should be solved very soon. It was related with a new engine for the new bridge and with 5.3 release as well. So right now we are moving our infrastructure onto the 5.3 version and when we'll get over this, our bridge will be relaunched as well. Don’t worry, your tokens are safe.

Try to connect with Pavel Durov and make a partnership with TON

We are trying.

Okay, that was all your questions, thank you for all your time and all your support! Stay tuned and see you next time! Good bye!