Cellframe mainnet launch is moved to spring 2022

Cellframe mainnet launch is moved to spring 2022

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Dear Cellmates. We believed until the last moment that we could have time to launch the Scorpion network on 21st December, but we have to announce that the launch is postponed. The mainnet will go live on 21st March 2022. We do this for the security and sustainability of the whole project.

Our developers did their best to make the mainnet in time, and you could see this on our GitHub. In sum, we didn’t account for the fact in our roadmap that we need much more time for developing the Scorpion network and, in particular, for the external and internal safety audit.

Many of you are looking forward to the mainnet, but from our side, it would be irresponsible to launch the Scorpion now. We have to do it in the best possible way.

We’re planning to launch the mainnet on 21st March 2022. In January, we’ll announce the bounty program with rewards for ethical hackers. Before the New Year, we’ll release the updated Cellframe dashboard with all its advantages.

Thank you for your patience!