The Breaking news, 9 December AMA: listing on and developmen

The Breaking news, 9 December AMA: listing on and development updates

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Dmitriy Gerasimov, CEO of Cellframe, announced on the regular Thursday stream the listing Cellframe on as the most important news of the last week. Also, developers have started making airdrops in SubZero and preparing the Cellframe explorer to release.

“People asked why we did buyback. Now we can put cards on the table. It was for the listing. It has already been announced. The trading will start on 12 December”, — said Dmitriy.

Regarding the development, the team is working more with bug-fixing patches and DDC. The most important in development is preparing the Cellframe dashboard, building more API related to AR/VR. That is about the project’s version of Metaverse. Also, it could be used in a GameFI or another same service.

Significant updates are planned for the next week. The developers have started making airdrops in Testnet 2 (SubZero). The Cellframe explorer is being prepared to release. First, there will be information about a few networks, including the parachain candidates, which has already been added at Testnet 2, e.x. KelVPN, and some other.

Developers are bringing up a dedicated extension repository. It will be spread with Cellframe nodes and hold only verified extensions from many different people. The repository will work this way. If some plugins intentions roll out and some binary blobs become infected with malware, the program cross-checks extensions to exclude malware. Every master node tries to compile it, checks binary, and compares it with a checksum of other bills. Here the consensus is formed, and it is proof that this release is not affected.

“The system of verification can exclude malware and other troubles as well as show our ecosystem. It is not only about Metaverse. It’s also about other plugins for the Cellframe node”, — said Dmitriy.

Furthermore, the Cellframe plugging system is a basement for truly dedicated applications. It is not only about depth; it is about second-layer protocols. One project has decided to use Cellframe SDK for the second layer. This new collaboration will be announced soon.

While speaking about marketing strategy, Dmitriy pointed out that the team focuses on the educational direction, among other things. “We are negotiating with educational platforms about joint projects. We believe that the simplicity and clarity as far as possible in our field may attract new investors and users to the Cellframe project”, — told he. He added that the marketing group has started to write and publish articles for a large audience about different aspects of Cellframe to attract more developers.

Some questions:

How much time does it take to make the Cellframe the first Quantum resistance Blockchain?

It depends on the projects because some of them are not so flexible to integrate new wallet types, but most of them could implement these new signatures. Otherwise, long-term holders would be robbed in time of quantum apocalypse. On the one hand, it could recreate the wallets, but strictly speaking, it is impossible. So, on the other hand, blockchain needs to be quantum-proof at the beginning.

Does the Cellframe have or plan any implementation of Zero-Knowledge proofs? Are private transactions possible?

Yes, it does. If you run the Cellframe node and look on the list of possible encryptions, you could see ring city. It is a ring signature with their acknowledgment. By the way, our default encryption, especially crystal deletion encryption, is also used with the acknowledged signature but just without this feature. Private transactions are also possible. We need a ring signature for mixing them, and we have two probable variants. I think we will implement them both in January or February.

Can I build dApps on SubZero now?

Yes, you can. By the way, if you want to start to develop your dApps, you could not create your parachain on your computer or in some cloud service, configure your private network and test your dApps inside your private network. It would be best if you waited for a little to build them on SubZero. For now, we are doing some airdrops. There is no gazer or source of test tokens. Any way you could start to build these dApps. If you have any questions, feel free to ask any developers of the Cellframe development community. They are always in a chat group and happy to help you.

What functions/products that can we utilize after the mainnet launch?

It will be our first part chain VPN if we’re talking about products, but it’s more about KelVPN. We also have DEX (dedicated exchange). If you track updates and development branches of the Cellframe dashboard, you can see that it’s one of the most important development directions. After a mainnet launch, some projects will decide to issue a token on our core network, and our network will act as a token hub, and DeX will work with this basement. So that’s a primary function of the core network.

Is there any hackathon on the Cellframe now?

We are preparing them. One of the hackathons is planned in Novosibirsk. Another one is planned to be international, dedicated to network-based. Please, be patient. And don’t waste your time and start reading our SDK and Wiki. Keep in mind that grants are also provided for winners. So, be better prepared!